OS26: Theresa & Stephen – Come Play With Us This Summer + Other Updates

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

~ Aldous Huxley

Theresa Sgobba
Theresa checking out our new dining room

Given we’re about 3 weeks from our big departure, we wanted to offer a quick update on our upcoming Sprinter van tour of the west, the general layout of our trip route & extend a special invitation to you – our listeners – to come connect with us along the way!

We also share more on the “why” of this trip plus describe much of the resistance we are feeling and experiencing, and how we are dealing with it.

In case you don’t know, we’re about to sell everything, move into a 22″ Dodge Sprinter van (2005) and travel through the west during the late summer/early fall.

The basic reason why is something we call “repatterning”, which we discuss at length in this episode (as well as episode 14, link below)

We’re in the midst of easily the biggest change in our lives and are feeling all sorts of fear and discomfort as we approach our departure date. If you attempt to leave the mainstream path, it has many booby-traps set for you – both outside of you (other people, for ex) and inside you (fear, limiting beliefs etc). So, what are these various fears and how are we managing them?

Mainly, this episode is our invitation to YOU to come play with us on the road. Come join us for yoga at the campground (Theresa is a yoga teacher), share a meal or coffee with us or just come check out the van and chat for awhile.

Here is the basic route we intend to take (though, this will certainly change along the way):

Ownstream van trip

If you live near this route, or plan to travel to the west during the months of Aug-Oct, there’s a great chance we’ll be near you. We would LOVE to meet people along the way, hear your stories and build community of people stepping off the mainstream path into something more authentic and real.

Something you can truly call your “own”.

This is a pretty personal episode, as we’re a mere 3 weeks (or so) from our departure and, it’s getting real. Our hope is to share how we’re looking at our challenges from a very different and unique angle, one designed for empowerment and fulfillment.

And, it’s working…


Stephen & Theresa

(NOTE: We also discuss how the podcast logistics may change during this time period. Namely, how we might have to shift to every other week, or to another schedule, to support the process of repatterning.)

Selected Links from this Episode
  • Want to connect with us along our trip? We’d love to meet you! Please fill-out the brief form here and be sure to let us know where you live (or plan to be) and we’ll see if we can make it work!
  • Our first vanlife episode, where we describe “repatterning” in more detail plus our initial impetus for doing this
  • (Brand new!) Our new Facebook community. This is the BEST place to track our coordinates this summer/fall (& beyond) while also being a great place to safely share about your own journey to leave the mainstream path, forging something truly your own…(Our Instagram page is the 2nd best place to connect with us)
  • Our coaching info page (with info on how to work with us)

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