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Our Bright Future Series

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To meet this transcendent moment in time, as the Earth transitions from a period of limitation and darkness into one of infinite potential, beauty and light, we at Ownstream are thrilled to offer a new, very practical conversation and workshop series about creating a new society, called “Our Bright Future”: Building the New Earth.

This series is about what the Earth will look like, and what we will create together, as our planet drops its slave systems, societies as we know them dissolve, and people wake up to their freedom to live life and build anew.  

Those of us who have worked individually to purify and alchemize our patterns know that great awakenings, experiences of expansion, and limitless potential lie on the other side of unlocked patterns—and as for us individually, so for our planet. This series is about what, practically, this transition means for Earth, what we want to create as the world changes, and how we will do it, together. 

Together, we will answer questions like: What will our society look like in terms of: money, exchange of value, and business? Community, family, and relationships? Living, sharing resources, and governing ourselves? Health, illness, and thriving? Growing food, caring for the land, and co-existing with nature? Using technology to serve and connect us locally and worldwide? 

Offering concrete tools, paths forward, and opportunities to build together, we will speak with human visionaries, pioneers, and builders already living a new reality, and developing visions, systems, and tools that will serve all of us as we build Our Bright Future for a New Earth together. 

Finally, each episode in this series is available by donation as we are currently exploring a "pay what you want" model. We feel it is highly relevant to explore a new mode of value exchange with these conversations, one that isn't tied to the old system and that is more co-creative with you, the recipient. We encourage you to feel into what this content is worth to you, and then to offer that as a donation when you register.

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Dr. Christiane Northrup
Pam Popper
Ben Falk
Susan Manewich
Walter Almeida
Sarah Armide Our Bright Future