About Ownstream

over-whiteThe name “Ownstream” is a play on the word “mainstream”. More and more, people are waking up to the infinite power we have within us to create our own reality, and moving away from conventional models of working and living that were prescribed by others. Given our unlimited ability today to connect online, we as a worldwide community are able to share new, empowered models of being and living with one another like never before, learn and grow together, and ultimately, co-create the new Earth that is rising.

Ownstream seeks to further this movement at the individual and collective levels. Ownstream provides information, tools and pathways to empower people to pursue their life’s true calling, recreate their lives to serve their greatest joy, and experience unlimited freedom, bliss and abundance. We write, coach, and create media and community directed to these aims. 

The Ownstream logo highlights our primary themes of collective Oneness and individual empowerment and expression by taking the shape of a circle that begins with a uniform series of blue dots and evolves into a stream of unique and colorful shapes. The logo is inspired by the zen “enso” circle, itself a symbol of universal harmony, wholeness and completion.

Stephen & Theresa

Us with our beautiful daughter Sofia at Tioga Pass, near Yosemite

We connected in 2010, fell wildly in love, and got married in May 2013 at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. After honeymooning in Bali, we knew that travel and adventure would play a huge role in our relationship and in the life, family and business we were co-creating.

In 2014, we spent three months traveling across Asia, living as digital nomads and embracing the freedom of minimalism and vagabonding by living out of 24L backpacks. After subsequently spending two months in Encinitas, CA, we returned to NYC and immediately decided to sell our home and move to Southern California, where we were called by the ocean, sunshine and vibrant spiritual and entrepreneurship community.

In May 2016, our beautiful and powerful daughter, Sofia was born in Encinitas. In the year that followed her birth, we experienced profound spiritual acceleration, and were called to greater freedom and service. We created Ownstream, quit our remaining jobs, got out of debt entirely, sold all our things and moved into a converted Dodge Sprinter van, with only the wide open road and path of our excitement ahead of us. We now live in the mountains of Costa Rica, work and travel around the world, and are on a quest to pull others out of the matrix to find and develop their Ownstreams as we together co-create a new Earth.

With love and excitement, we chronicle our adventures and offerings on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and on the Ownstream Podcast.

Theresa SgobbaTheresa

Loving partner, mother, daughter, friend and One with all that is; writer, photographer and filmmaker; plant foods geek, wannabe farmer and chef; wild road and world adventurer; yogi; soul intuitive and coach; and co-creator of Ownstream.

Background: from the very early years, a perfectionist, by-the-book student, I busted my butt all the way through a top law school in the U.S. and legal career in NYC, where I worked as a change agent and consultant for government agencies and private foundations. Throughout my mainstream education and career, I always wanted to help young people growing up in poverty, violence and the justice system to find a way out, and it was only when I woke up myself that I realized the only way out is to find the Power we all have within.

I have since been committed to raising consciousness on the planet, and specifically, to people knowing their own true Power as extensions of the one infinite Creator. I express this calling today as a mother, writer and co-creator of Ownstream, where we help others to awaken to their infinite freedom and power, transcend the (optional) mental and physical matrix installed by others, and create the truest, most epic expression of their greatest joy.


Husband, daddy, son, pal and lover of this fantastic dog; former actor, active theater director and producer; passionate filmmaker and photographer; above average golfer and very below average surfer; adventurer, platform builder and advocate for freedom and expansion in all areas of life.

Background: above average student and proud Tar Heel, I cut loose in the big metropolis of NYC in 1994 seeking an arts career. Blessed to work with Merce Cunningham from ’94-’98, serving as his assistant while traveling the world. My acting career made a hard right into pick-up artistry (not a typo) in 2003, leading me to move to LA for 7 months and be featured in this book. For 12 years, I taught men how to get a girlfriend, along with running my successful online dating business. From 2012-2016, I created and produced the annual BEAT Festival in Brooklyn, NY. For five years, I was honored to work with some of the most compelling and forward-thinking artists of our time. 

Currently, my passion is expressed via Ownstream and our sacred mission to help people awaken, exit the matrix and create a rich and meaningful life for themselves. I am also in the early stages of creating a new work of immersive theater called the Great Awakening.