About Ownstream

over-whiteThe name “Ownstream” is a play on the word “mainstream”. More and more, people are waking up to the infinite power we have within us to create our own lives, moving away from limited, conventional models of working and living that were prescribed by others, and engaging with life purely from the unique and powerful direction of our own Source. Here at Ownstream, we come together as individuals led by our inner guidance into a worldwide community, where we share new inspirations, designs, and systems for living that will promote more joyful and natural lives for ourselves, our families, our communities, and for the new Earth that is rising and being built at a new, much higher frequency.

Ownstream creates community, media, and systems to support the profound movement alive and in play right now to radically transform our planet. Our primary forum is the Ownstream Network, a private, high frequency, censorshipfree online community and resource hub designed to gather, support and organize an awakened community in these dynamic times, and assist in positive planetary transformation. The Ownstream Network is hosted on the Mighty Networks community building
platform. and includes multiple weekly discussion groups, calls, resources and courses. In the Network, we also host live interviews with thought leaders of our times, and active builders of a new world.
Through this forum, we work together with others to build new systems and share tools for living that are aligned with a society based in pure love, togetherness, and abundance. Where uniquely helpful, we work one-on-one through individual coaching with people who are seeking to step beyond old patterns, transform their lives, and/or create new projects for a new Earth.

The Ownstream logo highlights our primary themes of 1) collective togetherness and empowerment and 2) individual freedom and expression by taking the shape of a circle that begins with a uniform series of blue dots and evolves into a stream of unique and colorful shapes. The logo is inspired by the zen “enso” circle, itself a symbol of universal harmony, wholeness, and completion.

Stephen & Theresa

We first connected in 2010 in New York City through a shared community focused on inner expansion, growth toward the higher, and transformation in service of others. Once we recognized each other, we fell almost instantly in love, and got married in May 2013 at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. Living and working in NYC at the time, and for some decades, we soon left our institutional jobs to travel the world, and move West, toward the ocean, sunshine, and expansive vistas.

In May 2016, our beautiful and powerful daughter, Sofia was born in Encinitas, CA. In the year that followed her birth, we experienced profound inner acceleration, and were called to building lives of greater freedom, committing to service in awakening and freeing others of mainstream bonds, and creating community.

We created Ownstream in 2017 as a news channel and online community for the awakening Earth, quit our remaining jobs, sold everything, and traveled through the west, living simply and working mobily, out of our converted Sprinter van and the campgrounds of the Western US. In 2018, we moved for a time to Costa Rica to explore living in nature, and creating intentional community. An exciting project and inner knowledge that we had lingering patterns to work through in the US brought us to Las Vegas, where we lived and did deep inner work until summer 2020.

The events of 2020 called us into a new and vibrant period of activation, and we began to create new conversations and gather community around the great awakening happening on the planet, the truth behind the mainstream narratives, and inspirations and models for the New Earth that is being birthed now from within us all. In 2021, we created the Ownstream Network online community as a new, dynamic gathering place for connection, sharing and co-creation of the new future that we all feel and see rising within and without us.

We are so excited that you have found your way here and we invite you to join us in this movement.