Radical Lifestyle Redesign III: Time to “Burn The Boats” (Or, Your Moment of Confirmation)

Many people want to change their lives, but few actually do – why is this? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t truly “all in”. What then separates those who succeed from those who don’t? Virtually everyone we have spoken with on the Ownstream Podcast, or just in the flow of life, who has pulled off of the mainstream path creating something truly their “own” have done what we call “burn the boats”. In other words, they have taken irrevocable, and often dramatic, action in the direction of their life’s calling. This sometimes means leaving a job, moving across the world, selling everything and traveling or some other radically different, out of the box, act. In this article, we discuss why this is so and break down the specific steps to successfully designing your own “burn the boats” (or “confirmation”, as we call it) moment.

OS26: Theresa & Stephen – Come Play With Us This Summer + Other Updates

What happens when you decide to change EVERYTHING about your life? What fears and other challenges arise, and how do you deal with them? This forms the bulk of this podcast episode, where we as co-hosts (Theresa & Stephen) delve into the inner reality of making massive changes in life and how we are successfully managing these challenges and maintaining peace, joy & love through the process. Also, we discuss our general route through the western US from late July ’17 thru Oct ’17 (& beyond) and how you can connect with us in person along the way! This episode was a bit scary for us, as we delve into the intimacies of our inner (and outer) journey. We hope you will listen with an open mind, and see a bit of yourself in our challenges and triumphs. Enjoy!

OS14: Stephen & Theresa on “Van Life” – Why? Our Sprinter Conversion Plan & More

Mobile living is becoming more and more popular, as is evidenced by the rise of the tiny house on wheels, people living in RV’s and the #vanlife movement (just check Instagram). So, why did we recently purchase our own 2005 Dodge Sprinter van to convert into a movable home? What is our plan for designing the interior, and where do we plan to travel? And, most importantly, what are we searching for through this project and, as important, what are we leaving behind? This episode of the Ownstream Podcast features co-founders Stephen and Theresa discussing the project, including how we manifested the perfect van for us and why now is the perfect time for us to join the #vanlife lifestyle. Enjoy!

OS13: Leo Babauta – The Zen Of Transformation, One Habit At A Time

Leo Babauta was overweight, in massive debt, out of shape, stressed, scattered and seriously unhappy. Oh, and he was a heavy smoker and parent to 6 kids too. His incredible transformation didn’t happen overnight, but rather gradually – one habit at a time. Today, he is completely remade and has become one of the world’s most sought after experts in the areas of transformation, habit change, simplicity, minimalism, blogging, parenting…you name it. And it all started when he decided to stop smoking, and put everything he had into changing this one, deadly habit. Astonished at the power of focus, Leo has since – one-by-one – addressed and fixed each of his glaring challenges while amassing a readership of nearly 2 million on his popular blog, “Zen Habits”. In this special Ownstream podcast episode, Leo discusses his journey of transformation, his views on simplicity and minimalism now, his daily routine, why he’s a vegan, and his astonishment – & joy – at being a professional writer and source of inspiration for many. For him, his life is a dream come true. Enjoy!

OS11: Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition – Living, Moving & Chronicling All Things “Tiny”

Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition have emerged as leaders within the vibrant and growing world of tiny houses. Filmmakers and storytellers, their mission is to help expand the tiny house community via beautiful media related to tiny homes, advocating for coding changes enabling more to go tiny and building awareness via the lens of their own tiny house journey. In this episode, learn of their design and build (they DIY’d about 80% of their tiny house), their travels across the US with their “THOW” (storage? bathroom? kitchen? It’s all there), the challenges and rewards from this unique lifestyle and their mission to archive this exciting new possibility for many who seek an upgraded living arrangement over and above the traditional model of owning a mortgage or paying rent. Enjoy!

OS5: Andrew & Gabriella Morrison – Tiny Houses, Family & Redefining the “American Dream”

Andrew & Gabriella Morrison

Andrew & Gabriella Morrison join us on Ownstream Podcast Ep 5 to discuss their “hOMe” tiny house, radical lifestyle design & redefining the “American Dream”. A few years ago, the Morrisons sold 90% of what they owned – including their large house – and moved to Baja for 5 months to repattern and redesign their lives. Now, they live on 5 acres in the gorgeous Oregon countryside, in their 317 sq. foot tiny house and teach others how to go tiny, creating more freedom, abundance and connection in their lives.

OS4: Colin Beavan – Impact, Finding Your Calling & “How To Be Alive”

Author & “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan reveals how to live an impactful life, why cars suck & how becoming the “Patriarch of the Eco-Manson’s” (per Stephen Colbert) gave him a powerful platform for service. For over a decade, Colin has been focused on the nature of impact. First, through his “No Impact Man” project where he actively demonstrated how to stop harming the planet by becoming more conscious of our consumption choices. Second, on how to delve more deeply into our individual “calling”, enabling us to powerfully impact others by authentically living our unique gifts. In this Ownstream Podcast interview, Colin educates, informs & inspires us to know why, now more than ever, our gift is urgently needed – for the sake of ourselves & the broader collective of humanity. Learn “How To Be Alive” in this interview with Colin Beavan.

OS3: Tynan, Beyond “The Game” – RV Living, Buying an Island, Chipotle & More

Tynan The Game

Tynan’s life goes far beyond his time as Herbal in “The Game”. In this portrait, he discusses living in an RV, selling everything he owned & traveling the world for a year, his career as a professional gambler, participating in the World Series of Poker, eating the same thing at Chipotle every day, the 2 sites he uses to get great flight deals, buying an island in Nova Scotia, minimalism & so much more. Tynan is the Ownstream prototype, thinking – and living – outside of the box in virtually every area of life. He’s an original, and a true source of inspiration for those of us seeking what lies beyond the mainstream way of life. You are certain to view your life from a new angle after listening to this interview with Tynan. Enjoy!