Ownstream Newsletter

Find out what’s going on with us and in the Ownstream Network–our online community!

Every Monday, we publish an email newsletter talking about what’s happening with us personally and all the events, calls, courses, and news happening in the Ownstream Network online.

We also publish information here about events that are accessible to everyone, and not limited to Ownstream Network members. This includes our monthly Ownstream Community Call, hosted by Theresa, and our monthly live interviews with Builders of a New World, hosted by Theresa and Stephen, and available by donation to those outside of the Ownstream Network.

We continue to be fascinated by mavericks challenging the status quo and actively working to build a new world. We are doing this work together in the Ownstream Network and we seek to build bridges and broaden our community every day through outreach to other aligned individuals and groups, potential members and presenters in the Network, and interview guests. Our newsletter and the events in our Network aim to shed light on the new world emerging, and to bring it in together as a community.

Please join us to learn more and to stay in touch!