For many of us, the process of waking up to the truth of the world and ourselves brings a sense of alienation and isolation. We might feel adrift in our families, communities, work places and social circles. It is quite common to experience a wide gulf of understanding between us and those we used to call “friends and family”.

It has been this way for us, which is why creating community along very different lines has emerged as part of our mission with Ownstream. Namely – bringing people together under a uniquely different banner, which we call “bonds of affection”. Many within the Ownstream Community have come together, either on our weekly community call (Mondays), in our Facebook Community or within one of the “Our Bright Future” sessions, and have felt more at home than ever in their lives and have experienced the deep sigh of relief at having found their tribe.

In other communities, many of us have felt also alien as groups can organize around a guru or teacher, or a very specific area of interest which might have waned for us. With Ownstream, we are connected  around the base longing of building a new society built on love, community and prosperity for all: new paradigms for a new earth. If this feels true to you in your body and being, we urge you to connect with us. For now, more than ever before in earth’s history, we need…no, must, stay together.

Below are a listing of current platforms where we are active (as of today, our Facebook group is the most active, with MeWe being our backup). Listed beneath that are the various special projects we are currently working on, which might appeal to you as well.

Welcome to our tiny slice of the universe.

Stephen & Theresa

Online Communities

Facebook Community (most active) – this is where the bulk of our community hangs out. Here, we announce our weekly community calls, other special projects and workgroups, and announce our regular “Our Bright Future” series.

Telegram Community – this is also very active.

MeWe Community – our backup community, just in case 😉

Active Projects/Workgroups (as of Jan, 2021)

Exchange Network Workgroup – a group of us are building our own online social and exchange network, which can exist independent from the mainstream platforms which are often censored and controlled. This group meets weekly.

Cryptocurrency Workgroup – a group who are looking at the cryptocurrency market place and supporting each other during what is the largest transfer of wealth in our civilization’s history. This group meets every other week and is available by donation (monies go to the group leader).

Sovereignty Workgroup – this group meets weekly to discuss personal and collective explorations with sovereignty, including embodying sovereignty at a frequency level as we navigate the external controls of these times, and declaring legal sovereignty from existing systems.

Growers Group – this is for group members who are especially interested in improving their ability to grow their own food, and is led by a community member! We are open to members stepping forward and offering specific skills to the group. This group currently meets weekly and is available by donation (monies go to the group leader).

Each of these groups meets via Zoom, and to attend you will need to join our Facebook community or contact us directly.

Thank you!