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In these dynamic times, many of us find our relationships with family, friends, and other loved ones shifting considerably. Our experience of family and community is expanding and changing, and many of us find ourselves feeling strongly connected to a new and growing tribe of people around the world based on a shared frequency, resonance, and deep connection we feel with certainty and cannot easily explain.

During this great transition, we are bonded together by deep love, care, affection, a draw to realign with nature, and a drive to rebuild the world. The communities we develop worldwide and with our closest neighbors will be central to the transformation of the planet–toward a more positive and harmonious society. Together we are building a new world built on love, care and prosperity for all: new paradigms for a new earth.

Quite naturally, bringing together and strengthening community in these times has become a central purpose at Ownstream. In 2020, many of us began to gather every Monday on Zoom for a Weekly Ownstream Community Call, and as our interests in organizing and supporting one another grew, we soon outgrew the mainstream social media platforms. With our community growing and desiring more forms of connection every day, and with the more mainstream social networking platforms disallowing full freedom of expression and connection, we created the Ownstream Network in 2021 as a personal social network that is private and cultivated for and by the Ownstream Community. This is the best place to find us, with daily posts, discussions, workgroups, and the juiciest opportunities to connect.

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Since we created the Network, we have been present less and less on more mainstream social media platforms (Fb, IG, Telegram), though we sometimes continue to share there to spread word of the truth, positive happenings and changes emerging on the planet, and opportunities for connection and support in the Ownstream Network community. In the Network, we have since launched a number of additional Zoom and Brave Talk video calls every week joining members around the world to share personal stories, support, critical resources and information, and unique gifts. Given the many gifts and skills of members of our community, we now have a number of courses run by community members. Offerings grow and change regularly based on the interests, needs, and gifts of our community. Current offerings include: Cryptocurrency Workgroup, Freedom Courses, Gene Key Study Group, Guardians Group, Intuitive Gardening for Food Freedom, New World Wellness, Sovereignty Course and Katie’s Cafe, Rebooting Our Relationships with Technology, Self Healing with Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, Movement Magic, and more.

We feel so grateful and enriched by this community, as new members find us daily, isolated somewhere in the world, and tell us that they feel more at home than ever in their lives in finding this community, breathing tears and a sigh of relief at having found their tribe. We love and welcome you, and are so grateful to be coming together at this time! This is the time we all came here for – and there is no mistake that you have found yourself here with us.

Learn more and join our community by clicking here. We welcome all to join us, and offer one month to check out the Network and participate free of any membership contribution. We ask members after one month to help us build the Network by contributing as co-builders of the space and the community. We also offer gift memberships to those who are unable to support the Network financially but who contribute in other ways. We hope to see you there!