OS31: Dr. Robert Ostfeld – Healing Disease & Building Community with Whole Plant Foods

Dr. Robert Ostfeld has emerged as one of the more vocal leaders in the movement to educate both our population and our medical professionals about the vast powers of the whole foods, plant-based diet. And, he is conveying his powerful message from within the food desert of the Bronx, NY. He not only helps his patients reverse their debilitating conditions of heart disease, he actively promotes the preventative powers of the diet by hosting healthy and open community whole foods plant-based meals and by actively promoting the diet through interviews such as this one. We discuss the myriad of success stories he has personally witnessed, the hurdles to sharing this simple message and the power of community in triggering lifestyle changes. This is an episode which could literally save your life or the life of someone you love. Enjoy!

OS26: Theresa & Stephen – Come Play With Us This Summer + Other Updates

What happens when you decide to change EVERYTHING about your life? What fears and other challenges arise, and how do you deal with them? This forms the bulk of this podcast episode, where we as co-hosts (Theresa & Stephen) delve into the inner reality of making massive changes in life and how we are successfully managing these challenges and maintaining peace, joy & love through the process. Also, we discuss our general route through the western US from late July ’17 thru Oct ’17 (& beyond) and how you can connect with us in person along the way! This episode was a bit scary for us, as we delve into the intimacies of our inner (and outer) journey. We hope you will listen with an open mind, and see a bit of yourself in our challenges and triumphs. Enjoy!

OS24: Kimberly & Theo Hanson – How They Beat Cancer & Got Busy Living

It might be the most dreaded word in the western world – cancer. Many live in sheer terror at receiving this diagnosis from their doctor, certain it means death or a highly compromised life going forward. Modern medicine’s approach is to remove the tumor and then, by way of radiation and chemotherapy, eliminate any remaining cancerous tissues before these toxic treatments kill the person. A race, in other words, where only the strong survive. Many now are finding different approaches to this dreaded condition and finding not only success in reversing the disease, but a wildly new and vibrant lease on life. Enter Kimberly and Theo Hanson, who used a special juicing protocol to reverse her breast cancer and help him to lose over 100 lbs. The two of them now are on a mission to share their powerful message, inspire others and change the conversation about cancer from treating the symptom (tumors) to changing the toxic lifestyle which creates these frightening symbols of a culture gone awry. Enjoy!

OS20: Theresa Sgobba – “Going Whole”, How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Fierce determination. This describes the look on Theresa’s face after watching the documentary, “Forks Over Knives”. Having always suspected that her diet was “off” & while currently watching her father suffer from cancer (which, as she learned in the film, is directly connected to eating meat and dairy), Theresa’s mission became clear: transition to the whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet and, then, help others do the same. The result has been a dramatic transition across virtually every area of her life – weight loss, sleep, fitness, focus, feeling connected with nature, even the birth of her daughter – all directly helped by her diet. On this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, she discusses the 4 steps to effectively transition from any diet to the WFPB diet, the myths surrounding protein and calcium, she reveals her dramatic history with food, health, body image and healing and so much more, plus how you can work with her to help enact these dramatic changes in your life too. Enjoy!

OS15: Ronnie Landis – Food, Health, Longevity & Living Your Destiny

Ronnie Landis fancied himself a professional basketball player. He had also spent years training as a martial artist, obtaining many a black belt along the way. But, a knee injury caused him to contemplate healing which opened up an entire world to him of nutrition, the power of living food & walking the true path towards fulfilling his destiny. He is now at the true leading edge of nutrition and self-transformation, making the clear claim that our diet IS the catalyst in becoming who we are truly meant to be, a fact often missed by those seeking to fully evolve. In this conversation learn about Ronnie’s path towards optimal nutrition, what “dis”ease truly is and how we can mitigate and reverse chronic conditions with food, how cooking food de-natures it reducing its ability to support health, that sobriety – for him – is about detoxifying from the illusions painted by the mainstream and stepping into a truly “magical” reality filled with spirit and possibility. Anyone interested in becoming fully expressed and making a powerful impact on the world will love this conversation with Ronnie Landis as virtually everything he says is filled with depth and profound inspiration. Enjoy!

OS14: Stephen & Theresa on “Van Life” – Why? Our Sprinter Conversion Plan & More

Mobile living is becoming more and more popular, as is evidenced by the rise of the tiny house on wheels, people living in RV’s and the #vanlife movement (just check Instagram). So, why did we recently purchase our own 2005 Dodge Sprinter van to convert into a movable home? What is our plan for designing the interior, and where do we plan to travel? And, most importantly, what are we searching for through this project and, as important, what are we leaving behind? This episode of the Ownstream Podcast features co-founders Stephen and Theresa discussing the project, including how we manifested the perfect van for us and why now is the perfect time for us to join the #vanlife lifestyle. Enjoy!

OS13: Leo Babauta – The Zen Of Transformation, One Habit At A Time

Leo Babauta was overweight, in massive debt, out of shape, stressed, scattered and seriously unhappy. Oh, and he was a heavy smoker and parent to 6 kids too. His incredible transformation didn’t happen overnight, but rather gradually – one habit at a time. Today, he is completely remade and has become one of the world’s most sought after experts in the areas of transformation, habit change, simplicity, minimalism, blogging, parenting…you name it. And it all started when he decided to stop smoking, and put everything he had into changing this one, deadly habit. Astonished at the power of focus, Leo has since – one-by-one – addressed and fixed each of his glaring challenges while amassing a readership of nearly 2 million on his popular blog, “Zen Habits”. In this special Ownstream podcast episode, Leo discusses his journey of transformation, his views on simplicity and minimalism now, his daily routine, why he’s a vegan, and his astonishment – & joy – at being a professional writer and source of inspiration for many. For him, his life is a dream come true. Enjoy!

OS6: Dr. Pam Popper – The Power of Plants & Overthrowing Our Broken Healthcare System

Coffee, Cookies & Cheese. This was the basic, daily diet for Pam Popper (before she was “Dr.” Pam Popper). She was overweight, unhappy and exhausted. She was 38. And she smoked 4 packs of cigarettes per day. Now, she is one of the preeminent experts in the expanding field of diet and chronic, western disease. She, like Dr. T. Colin Campbell & Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, is now at the forefront of a true revolution. One which advocates eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet, eliminating processed foods (as much as possible) and learning how to tell your doctor, “no”. In this interview, Dr. Popper most importantly shares with us the urgent need to move away from the standard western diet, embracing a whole-foods, plant-based diet (WFPB). She also discusses the tragedy of modern medicine & her new, empowered vision of healthcare.

OS2: Stacey Murphy – From Urban Farmer to Digital Nomad

Stacey Murphy was on her way to her day job some years ago in New York City, when her body simply would not allow her to go any further. She called in sick and wandered over to a farmers market. Here, observing the interplay between farmer, food and soil, she felt the exciting stir towards entrepreneurship. 6 months later, she quit her job and embarked on her journey as an urban farmer in Brooklyn. She now lives as a digital nomad, teaching people from around the world to grow their own food. Learn about her journey and more in this episode of the Ownstream Podcast.