Ownstream Coaching

Both of us lived for decades embedded deep within our minds and the inner and outer program installed by others, working corporate and legal (and nonprofit, and government…) jobs stacked within anonymous, gray cubicles and skyscrapers.

We spent years exhausted and dissatisfied with our work, our relationships, and the pace, structure, and substance of our lives, yearning for greater meaning, presence, and joy, and knowing that something desperately needed to change.

We just didn’t know what, or how.

We have since discovered something totally remarkable and revolutionary!: this way of living is completely optional. Any of us can wake up, any day, to the limited story we’ve been told about our lives, search more deeply within, commit to loving ourselves and others, and begin to create a brand new life – one that is aligned to our unique connection and direction within.

We have total power and freedom to create the lives of our innermost, most expansive visions and dreams. In fact, that’s exactly what our experience in this life is meant for. Our inner wisdom—the direction we receive when we tune in—is our actual, true guide to having the life we dream of—and to happiness, freedom, love, meaning and impact in this life.

We created Ownstream Coaching to help people break out of the society- and self-imposed prisons created around themselves, find their true inner power, joy, and purpose for this life, and re-create their lives anew, completely aligned with and guided by their inner wisdom, love, and inspiration.

We offer highly tailored, individualized one-on-one coaching for people who are seeking to step beyond old patterns, transform their lives, and/or create unique projects for a new Earth. After an initial conversation with the two of us, we design together a bespoke package of sessions based upon your individual position and pursuit, which will involve coaching with one or both of us. We also offer hourly coaching sessions for those looking for individual, more immediate, tailored guidance and reflection in tackling one or more life questions, changes or challenges in the direction of moving through old paradigms and creating lives of true joy and purpose.

To get started, ask questions, or just to meet us and find out whether individual coaching with us is right for you, schedule a free 30-minute conversation with us. On the call, we will discuss your current challenges and deep desires, evaluate your needs, and propose a specific coaching program, individual sessions, or another resource if Ownstream is not the right fit. We love these calls as an opportunity to get to know you, and provide immediate, real-time help and guidance. Whether or not you move on to coaching with us, you will leave the call with greater clarity and direction for your next steps.

Click here to tell us a little more about you, and to set up a free 30-minute free conversation.

(Photo of Theresa & Stephen taken by Syvonne Kozuch)