Ownstream Coaching

Are you yearning for more meaning in your life?
Have the sense that you are here to do something great – but you don’t know what or how?
Unsatisfied – or completely fed up – with your job and career?
Physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted with the way you have been living your life?
Feel like you’ve done everything “right”, but you’re still not happy?

Theresa and Stephen changed my life, all aspects of my life, in the most profound ways! I hired them to help me navigate a big shift professionally (leaving a 17-year career in a more corporate environment to shift into a ‘calling’ that I wasn't clear on yet) but their influence on every part of my life has been profound, remarkable and is reverberating beyond me daily.

~ Benita Conde (past Ownstream client, founder Create Radical Love)


Ownstream Coaching is based on the knowledge that each of us is here to bring a unique and powerful gift to the world. We believe every one of us has a special contribution to make in this life, and that our guide to finding our purpose and to manifesting it is our own unique joy and excitement.

Through highly intensive, individualized, two-on-one coaching, we help our clients to identify their calling (excitement, bliss, joy, purpose, and service), revision their lives (activities, schedule, work, home, relationships, diet…) to maximize that calling, and then to do the hard (but absolutely joyful, wondrous and miraculous) work to recreate their lives anew in greatest service to the world.

Both of us lived our lives for decades embedded deeply within the fabric of the matrix, working corporate and legal (and nonprofit, and government…) jobs stacked within the anonymous, gray cubicles of Manhattan skyscrapers. We spent years feeling exhausted and dissatisfied with our work, yearning for greater meaning and joy in our days, and desperately wanting something to change. For a long time, we didn’t know what was wrong, because we thought we had done everything “right”, but still lacked a sense of deep purpose and excitement in our lives.

We have since learned that most of the stories we were told about how to live, be happy and make a difference were false, rooted in limited beliefs about who we are that kept our lives unnecessarily small and disempowered. We have since awakened to the great Power we all share to create our own abundant reality, and build a new Earth for everyone, led by our excitement and joy as our true guides to “having it all”—meaning, impact, service, happiness, love and freedom.

Coaching Packages and Services

We offer an introductory coaching package for those seeking to understand and define their calling, or purpose in this world, and a larger, all encompassing package, for those who are ready to remake their lives and live absolutely, joyfully and totally in service of their life’s great purpose. Between these options, we offer a 3-month, online, highly experiential group coaching program for those ready to Exit the Matrix, which you dive into here.

We also offer hourly coaching sessions for those looking for individual, tailored guidance in tackling one or more life questions, changes or challenges in the direction of their calling. (Specifics on each package are detailed below)

Get Started

Excited? We are too! To get started, or just to meet us, ask more questions and find out whether Ownstream Coaching is right for you, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us. On the call, we will discuss your current challenges and deep desires, evaluate your needs, and propose a specific coaching program, or another resource if Ownstream is not the right fit. We love these calls as an opportunity to get to know you and provide a chunk of real help and guidance. Whether or not you move on to coaching, you will leave the call with solutions in hand and direction for your next step.

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We look forward to meeting you, and to co-creating your greatest excitement!

Much love and blessings -

Stephen & Theresa

Find Your Calling - $797

Our introductory coaching package is for those who feel lost or stuck in finding their calling, and who need help to identify their true joy, excitement and purpose in this life. This program is ideal for those who feel unfulfilled or unhappy in their work, want to change their job or career, and/or seek greater meaning and purpose from their work. It includes:

* Four, 45-min two-on-one coaching calls with Stephen and Theresa over 2 months

* Unlimited email exchange during this period

* Intensive, individualized exercises and homework between calls

* Ongoing practices and tools to identify and sustain one’s calling

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Exit the Matrix: Recreate Your Life in Alignment with Your Calling - $4997

Our full coaching package is for those who are ready and eager utterly to transform their lives in service of their calling. Over the course of 3-6 months, we help you to identify and hone your calling; analyze the structures and patterns of your current life, and revision every aspect to maximize your calling; burn the boats on your old life; repattern beliefs, habits and actions that do not serve you; and build a new, abundant life that is aligned with your calling, and with your true joy, bliss and excitement.

This package involves intensive, ongoing work, and is a life changing experience from start to finish. It includes:

* Twelve, 45-min two-on-one coaching calls with Stephen and Theresa over 3-6 months

* Unlimited email exchange during this period

* Intensive, individualized exercises and homework between calls

* Personalized study materials, surprises and gift packages from Stephen and Theresa

* Two, 45-min follow-up calls

* Lifetime membership, once complete, in an Ownstream Mastermind

* Lifetime discounts to Ownstream retreats and events

Each package is highly customized for you and includes both Theresa and Stephen as your personal coaches. Typical programs include weekly calls via Skype or, if you are based in Southern California, in-person meetings with us.

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Individual Hourly Coaching - $250/hour

For those who seek to pursue their calling but need only specific, targeted help or troubleshooting, we also offer hourly coaching sessions.

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(Photo of Theresa & Stephen taken by Syvonne Kozuch)