Our Bright Future #19: Jim Gale – Food Forests for Free, Healthy, Abundant Communities

“Our Bright Future” Session #19
Featuring Special Guest: Jim Gale
(replay available below)

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If you are ever fortunate enough to meet Jim Gale in person, know this – the man is LIT. He has a special gleam in his eye and an enthusiastic, warm hello and powerful hug for anyone he meets. He is a man living a clear purpose, determined to make a difference in the world. And he clearly has the means – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to do it. His mission could be defined as “freedom”, of all types. His main vehicle:

Permaculture Food Forests – that can fit anywhere and provide freedom everywhere.

Specifically, Jim is on a mission to put food forests in every community and in every backyard.

We had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jim last month on a trip to Florida. While planning for this interview, we visited his current project, a small, vibrant and growing freedom village in central Florida, and got the chance to meet and interact with Jim and his team.

Immediately upon arrival, we sensed something very special about this place and the people too. Jim walked us through the community’s many large and abundant gardens, plots of land, large pond, chicken house and even a gun range. Most of all, what you find here is a vision to change the world in action. Jim’s goal is to create a thriving community here, all self-sustained through food grown on the land with everyone focused on freedom and standing resilient in the coming storm.

Jim Gale
Jim with Theresa on his Florida farm

Jim is an expert in permaculture, as he has been studying and experimenting with this exciting method to create abundant, self-sustaining food ecosystems for many years. From an early age, his friends called him “nature boy”, as he always loved and felt one with nature. He perceived from an early age that the problems of our world could be traced to the disconnection between humans and nature, and he felt called toward serving this reconnection as a solution to change the world.

After college, Jim moved to Hawaii, backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, explored cultures, and searched for what would be his inspired vision. After seeing his early retirement, he successfully launched a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales in 3 years, enabling him to “retire.” At first, he bought a boat and lived on the ocean, but quickly became bored, wanting to make an impact. He  moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages, where he discovered permaculture. This discovery changed his life – where his childhood quest to reconnect people with nature met the necessary tools to do it, and he realized that he needed to bring permaculture to every household in the world. This idea became Food Forest Abundance.

The mission of Food Forest Abundance is to build a free, healthy and abundant society for generations to come. The Vision: Food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world. Jim’s specific, most immediate goal? To transform half of the 40 million acres of lawn in the US into food forests.

To fulfill these aims, the company offers customized food forest designs to provide an abundance of food medicine and sanctuary to fit specific backyard spaces; food forest installation services; educational content to shift people’s perspective on how they grow food and inspire them to be more self-reliant in general; and entrepreneurship through food forest business opportunities and a membership cooperative supported with training, marketing and consulting. (You can get a flavor of Jim’s passion and work, as he redesigns Del Bigtree’s backyard lawn into a food forest in this Highwire interview).

Jim has bold aims for the world at this time; for empowered, thriving and self-reliant communities aligned with nature, everywhere. And when you meet him, given his passion, drive and experience, you believe if someone can make this possible, it’s Jim.

In what’s sure to be a joyful, empowering, and inspiring conversation with Jim, we plan to discuss:

  • Jim’s connection with nature, and how restoring our connection with nature can save our world
  • Demystifying permaculture, and addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hurdles to growing our own food, generally
  • How anyone, anywhere can grow their own food, and why doing so now is an incredibly crucial act of self-sovereignty
  • Basic steps to establishing a permaculture garden and food forest in your backyard; how to get started
  • His vision for free, abundant communities and how he is structuring his new community project around the theme of freedom
  • His new currency, Topia, directly linked to producing food, and how to turn your backyard food forest into a bank
  • Where we can focus now in our own backyards and communities to establish maximum freedom, self-reliance and sovereignty in these times

We are very, very excited for this one! Our aim here is simple – to inspire you to take growing your own food, and other matters of freedom, into your own hands now, as we together change our world for the better. We are also excited that the themes for this interview reflect so many of the themes currently under discussion in the Ownstream Network where we, as a community, are supporting each other in reconnecting with nature, becoming sovereign, and creating new communities for a new world.

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