There Is A Radical Shift Happening On The Planet

An individual and collective movement of profound transformation. Old paradigms and models for living are breaking down, and new ones are being built. These changes are being inspired by a deep spiritual quest for meaning, freedom and happiness, and are manifesting in virtually every area of our daily lives—from the types of homes we live in and families we choose to create; to the way we work and fulfill our lives’ purpose; to the food we eat and ways we nourish and heal our minds and bodies; to our fundamental understanding of God, our power to create our reality, and our realization of Oneness.

Each area of life is being questioned in light of the individual and collective pain on the planet, and revisioned to create human lives of greater freedom—and ultimately, a new Earth for everyone.

Now, more than ever before, we can recognize the false, limited vision behind the models we have been taught—50 years in a desk job til retirement; a life locked down by school and mortgage debt; a toxic diet that is killing us and our environment; a disempowering and isolating understanding of God—and realize our ability to define and manifest lives of our own design—lives free of limitation and full of peace, joy and abundance.

We can see that the power to change our lives and the lives of others is in our own hands, and our unlimited ability to connect online is helping us to share our experiences and grow an empowered worldwide community like never before.


Ownstream exists to further this movement at both the individual and collective levels. To these ends, Ownstream provides information, tools and pathways to empower people to pursue their life’s true calling, recreate their lives to serve their greatest joy, and experience unlimited freedom, bliss and abundance. We write, coach, and create media directed to these aims.

Ownstream PodcastThe Ownstream Podcast features individuals spearheading radical change at the front lines of this revolution. Each podcast is a dynamic and intimate portrait of a leader who is blazing an unique trail in the areas of lifestyle, business and/or spirit, sharing their personal story, inspirations, key practices and tools for creating a life of great freedom and empowerment.

The Podcast covers many relevant topics, including: realization of God and Oneness; individual empowerment and the law of attraction; financial freedom, online business and digital nomads; lifestyle entrepreneurs, location-independent living and travel; minimalism; unschooling and worldschooling; optimal diet; quantum health and healing; and more.

If you have arrived at this site driven by an intense desire for greater freedom, purpose or alignment, Ownstream will give you the tools and models to create exactly what you seek.

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Both of us, Theresa and Stephen, are committed to helping as many people as we can exit the matrix and craft a unique, empowered and abundant life path devoted to your highest purpose for being here.

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