There Is A Radical Shift Happening On The Planet

An individual and collective moment of profound transformation. Old paradigms and models for living that Ownstream mancreated separation and harm among human beings are breaking down, and beautiful, expansive new one are being dreamed and built. These changes are being inspired by a deep, inner call for change among humanity and the Earth, and the great force of pure love that connects us all. Deep shadows that have shrouded our existence are coming to the surface to be seen and healed, and on the other side of this apparent darkness, great light and a new paradigm for living on Earth beacons and awaits.

This is an amazing time to be alive!

If you have arrived here, you certainly came for these times. 

And there is a lot of (remarkable, fun, joyful, and expansive) work to do. So, let's get to it.

With the terrific transformation of the Earth before us, every single thing, every system for living, is up for question, for fresh conception, and for remaking anew. Each area of life will be re-visioned to create an Earth shaped by love, care, freedom, abundance, unity, and purpose — ultimately, a new Earth for everyone.

Now, more than ever before, as the frequencies shift on the planet, all the paradigms we had accepted as given are proving themselves to be nothing more than paper tigers — fearsome but powerless, ready to collapse and blow away in a moment's notice. They simply no longer make sense or resonate in the new, high-frequency reality before us, one lit by the collective awareness of the inherent freedom of all beings , their natural right to create and expand as they choose, and the shared principle of doing no harm, which is all that governs us. Slugging out hours at a meaningless job, enslaved by the money system? Barely subsisting in a body sickened by disease from a toxic environment and food system? Living alone and separate, dependent on centralized, corporate sources to meet our basic needs? These systems are obsolete to an awakened humanity, and they are blissfully on their way out.

Once we purify the patterns that have conditioned and enslaved us, we literally rise above these old paradigms on a frequency level, and they fall far behind us — as if of another lifetime, or another world, entirely. And with these systems behind us, there is nothing more for us to do than to move forward together, and remake the world as we dream it.

This is the infinitely powerful moment of possibility we are in, right now. The rebirth of humanity, and of the Earth.

We will recreate our reality — in fact, it is already happening, now. As the money system comes down, we will create new currencies and systems for exchange that empower us to support one another and release the tethers of corporate greed that have bound us. As we free ourselves of conditioned ideas of success and obligation, we will discover our own unique genius, and the infinite ways we may exchange our skills, talents, and resources with one another to support the well-being and expansion of the collective. As we come together more locally in community, living closely to the land, at a more natural pace, and in greater connection with one another, our needs for centralized sources of food, power, and governance will disappear, and we will find we can live and thrive naturally on our own. As we disconnect from these systems that fostered dependence, we will clean up our society and our environment, and rid ourselves of the toxins that have created disease, working with our perfect bodies to support our health, and thrive naturally from within.

The power to change our lives and recreate our Earth for the benefit of all beings is in our hands. This work will happen locally, as communities are rebuilt, and globally, as a worldwide awakened society comes together in points of light, online and at the frequency level, to remake the planet from the inside out.


Ownstream creates community, media, and systems to support this profound movement to transform our planet.

Our primary forum is the Ownstream Network , a private, high frequency, censorship-free online community and resource hub designed to gather, support and organize an awakened community in these dynamic times, and assist in positive planetary transformation. The Ownstream Network is hosted on the Mighty Networks community building platform and includes multiple weekly discussion groups, calls, resources and courses. In the Network, we also host live interviews with thought leaders of our times, and active builders of a new world. Through this forum, we work together with others to build new systems and share tools for living that are aligned with a society based in pure love, togetherness, and abundance. Where uniquely helpful, we work one-on-one through individual coaching with people who are seeking to step beyond old patterns, transform their lives, and/or create new projects for a new earth.

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What's Happening Inside the Ownstream Network This Week?

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Thur, Feb 23: Freedom Thursdays

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