Our Family Sprinter Van Conversion – Video + Details on Our Build & Design

For a number of years, the freedom of living a simple and mobile lifestyle called to us. We’ve always loved to travel, and have felt the most free when traveling with very little – be it roadtripping across the States with little more than a few outfits and a cooler, or traveling through Asia for months with only 24L, school-size backpacks. All of these were very temporary living situations, though. When Stephen first approached me about living in an RV, then, I balked pretty hard. I didn’t like the look and feel of RVs, on the inside or outside, and I thought we would feel cramped. Customized tiny homes, on the other hand, felt very exciting, and I could imagine us building one that met all of our needs and joys in a home. Enter #vanlife. Learn all about our Sprinter van conversion build, and especially how we did it with our 1-year old daughter Sofia. Included here is our video tour of the converted van, plus many pics showing the various choices we made. Overall, we LOVE our van and highly recommend it as both an option for living and for long-term travel. If this interests you, and you have questions about the video or the post, please feel free to comment! We will write back and help you as much as we possibly can. Thanks!

Radical Lifestyle Redesign III: Time to “Burn The Boats” (Or, Your Moment of Confirmation)

Many people want to change their lives, but few actually do – why is this? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t truly “all in”. What then separates those who succeed from those who don’t? Virtually everyone we have spoken with on the Ownstream Podcast, or just in the flow of life, who has pulled off of the mainstream path creating something truly their “own” have done what we call “burn the boats”. In other words, they have taken irrevocable, and often dramatic, action in the direction of their life’s calling. This sometimes means leaving a job, moving across the world, selling everything and traveling or some other radically different, out of the box, act. In this article, we discuss why this is so and break down the specific steps to successfully designing your own “burn the boats” (or “confirmation”, as we call it) moment.

Radical Lifestyle Redesign II: Revisioning In Service Of Your Calling

The second step in our radical lifestyle redesign process is something we call “revisioning”. This is where we allow the flourishing energy of our “calling” to emerge and paint a new and exciting vision for what our lives could truly be. It is the ultimate adventure, specifically designed for us. This inevitably leads to an increase in our excitement and, quite possibly, a corresponding uptick in our own resistance or fear. This points to a simple albeit challenging process of both ramping up our excitement and mitigating seeming risk, which we explore in this second article in our radical lifestyle redesign series.

Radical Lifestyle Redesign 1: What Is Your Calling?

What is your calling? What excites you, fills you with joy? These questions mark the beginning of a process we call radical lifestyle redesign. In order to ultimately create a more meaningful, joyful and vibrant reality for yourself it must start at the beginning – and that is, with discovering your true “calling”. From here, all sorts of radically fresh and unique patterns can emerge. Too often, people will reach a place of dissatisfaction and attempt to change an external aspect to their life (job, home, car…) which are ultimately destined to return them to this same, familiar place. Only by returning to your ultimate home, or calling, will anything new and truly exciting emerge. And, as we will show, this path is marked with magic and synchronicity, eager for your success.