OS37: Stephen & Theresa – Van Life with Baby, Repatterning, Bentinho & More

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People don’t take trips, trips take people.

~ John Steinbeck

vanlife familyWe’re back in Southern California.

At least for now, that is. We’ve returned to the San Diego area for the month of November to regroup and complete some exciting Ownstream projects we were inspired to create on our trip.

So, what have the first 3 months of our “van life” adventure been like? What did we learn? Where did we go? How did our 1-year old daughter do, living (& sleeping!) in a converted Sprinter van?

And, what lies on the horizon for us as we remain completely untied to any location, committed to following our excitement and seeing what this magical universe has in store for us?

This has easily been the most dynamic and joyous 3 months of our lives. Our intent setting out on this journey was to “repattern”, meaning: to leave behind the old life and its daily/weekly patterns, enter into nature and have the means to be fully flexible, allowing our excitement to lead the way. Prior to the trip, we thought this might help us see more clearly where we might want to eventually settle, the pace of life we wanted to create and the various ways we would spend our time and energy.

All of this was most certainly clarified for us. But, of greater interest was the powerful spiritual experience that the journey became. It was as if the trip itself became our guru – teaching us at every turn, helping us more fully open, let go, be, allow…and love.

van life with baby
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The depths to which this adventure took us within ourselves have left us breathless and in awe of who and what we truly are. In fact, the conclusion of the journey was a week spent with spiritual teacher, Bentinho Massaro in Sedona, which further accelerated our awakening, confirming everything we learned along our trip while also fully introducing us to our tribe.

In short, what we thought would be a wild and fun adventure of the senses expanded into a profound vehicle for awakening, evolving and deepening our connections within our family, and – most importantly – to that which we call our true “Self”.

This all forms the content for this episode of the Ownstream Podcast. We begin by discussing the basic trip outline, where we went and all of the forces that shaped our journey. We conclude by painting the portrait of what is next for us: dramatic life changes in every way, which evolve by the day as we tune into our excitement, and which directly tie back to our decision to leave behind the world and life we knew before this trip, and commit to never turning back.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love –

Stephen & Theresa

vanlife family

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van life with baby

van life with baby

van life with baby

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