Our Bright Future #15: Tom Barnett – On Becoming a “Viral” Hit, Claiming Full Sovereignty & His Plans For Opting Out Of What’s To Come

“Our Bright Future” Session #15
Featuring Special Guest: Tom Barnett
Thursday, July 15th, 4p Pacific/7p Eastern
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In the last year and a half, many voices have emerged in the cacophony claiming insight and knowledge into all manner of topics related to the extraordinary plot unraveling across planet Earth.

But, perhaps no message was delivered with such razor sharp clarity as holistic health practitioner (and filmmaker) Tom Barnett’s, when he asked, simply:

Can You Catch a Virus?

Posing this provocative question, Tom outlined the simple science that proves, to him (and, now, many others), that a virus actually cannot be shared from one person to the next, leading to contagion of ills. (For more detail on this thesis, see the recent book by Dr. Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, The Contagion Myth.)

If true, and Tom Barnett believes it is, this fact would completely unravel the Covid drama at its source. Knowledge of this science would mean there was no need to mask up, social distance and – most importantly – fear anything at all.

And so, of course, his content was immediately censored and “debunked” by the normal roster of “fact checkers”. He became the target of various so-called experts slandering his content, associations, character, and name.

To Tom’s credit, his voice and clarity have only increased since this onslaught of attention and new fame, and since, he has become quite versed in common law, sovereignty, and dealing with authorities pursuing all form of illegal mandate. (In fact, we first heard of him last fall in the Ownstream Sovereignty Workgroup when we encountered his excellent interview with Mark, “the Godfather of True Law”). Tom has also begun speaking at greater length about the reality behind the mainstream story, the gene therapy, the agenda behind the lies, and why the slow degradation of masculinity has contributed to the profound and baffling acquiescence seen across our civilization – and what we can and must do as a society to step up and reclaim our future.

So, is it too late to save ourselves, or can we reverse the powerful trend of obedience at the forfeit of true, independent thought? We know that Tom is living and breathing the answer to this question daily – and we are eager to dive into it with him.

We could cover the full range of Ownstream interests with this powerful man. Here’s a flavor of what we plan to discuss with him Thursday:

  • What’s the real deal behind the virus story – and why can’t you catch a virus?
  • How did his life change after his seminal “Can You Catch a Virus” video? How did he stay strong in the face of such criticism and scorn?
  • His journey with learning about common law and tales of employing it in his life over the last year? How has he empowered himself and what have been the greatest lessons for himself and others?
  • What does he see unfolding in the near term? How does he plan to handle any enforcement related to medical interventions?
  • Does he see any additional lockdowns coming, and what is the role that tightly-knit communities can play in reversing lockdowns on the local level?
  • How can men and women step more fully into their natural roles or postures in defending our true rights here on planet Earth?
  • For those who have received the medical intervention, what does he see happening with this population, and is there anything that can be done to reverse potential negative outcomes?
  • What positive things does he believe have emerged from this seemingly dark episode in our history? Are we deepening our understanding of the truth behind human health and biology? Are more people stepping into their full power?
  • For those that haven’t received the medical intervention, how can we band together and more powerfully support each other and steer our society’s ship into bluer waters? How can we – unified – create a more naturally aligned society based on the principles of nature, shedding the old ways and building new ones?

These topics and many more we are sure will surface in this exciting talk with Tom Barnett.

As always, this “Our Bright Future” talk is a “pay what you wish” event. A portion of all donations will go directly to Tom, to support his work, and the remainder will support Ownstream, and conversations like this one. You can watch live or view the replay at a later time. Sign up to join below!

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