OS11: Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition – Living, Moving & Chronicling All Things “Tiny”

Tiny House ExpeditionEvery story, or movement, needs its bard.

The expanding community of tiny house dwellers has its perfect match in Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition.

Filmmakers and storytellers, Alexis and Christian (mostly) built, occupy and travel across the country in their beautiful tiny home. Along the way, they pursue their mission to support local tiny communities while helping to tell the story of the dynamic trend towards simpler, mobile living in beautiful tiny homes on wheels.

We first met them in late 2015, when they traveled through the San Diego area. Tiny homes tend to draw a crowd, and this day was no different in Escondido. When we arrived, we knew exactly where they were parked as the parking lot overflowed with cars all pointing to an approx 130 square foot (not including the loft), glorious tiny home on wheels.

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Alexis & Christian’s Tiny House:

Tiny House Expedition

Alexis and Christian, like Andrew and Gabriella Morrison (Ownstream Podcast Episode 5), have emerged as leaders in the tiny house community helping others live tiny legally while also advocating for coding changes to help pave an easier path for those interested in going tiny down the road.

In this extensive conversation with both Alexis and Christian, we learn about:

  • Their build, and how they did 80% of it themselves plus some helpful hints for others intent on building their own tiny house;
  • The transition period into full-time tiny home living and travel, and how they no longer need to say “excuse me” to each other in the kitchen;
  • Their candid walk through of the home, why they included the elements they did and the nuanced thinking behind some of these choices (note: video of their home is linked below in the show notes);
  • Valuable lessons from the necessary process of downsizing into their tiny home;
  • Why they decided to travel with their tiny home, and the genesis of “Tiny House Expedition”, their documentary film project;
  • Their advocacy work within the legal system, enabling others to more easily go tiny;
  • The transformational opportunity that these houses offer, and several amazing examples of intentional communities embracing tiny homes.

And more…

For those seeking an inside-out view of tiny houses and the vibrant community building up around them, you will love this conversation with Alexis & Christian of “Tiny House Expedition”.


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