OS51: Stephen & Theresa – Following Our Dreams, One Breadcrumb At A Time

We’re three weeks into our Costa Rica adventure, exploring and enjoying this gorgeous country. And, quite consciously, we’re considering this special place as a future home for our family. We’ve felt called here, through various channels. In many ways, it feels right and true to be here. Much feels aligned to who we are and our values. But, as far as a specific place to be (i.e. city or town), we’ve yet to find it. What we find interesting is how clearly we have been led to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and how, after being here awhile, it’s clearly not the place for us. What it is is another breadcrumb along the path, leading us somewhere – a “where” that isn’t exactly clear yet. And so, we are here in Costa Rica, actively looking and exploring and have yet to find a spot that really rings the bell. Sure, there is plenty more travel to come – Dominical/Uvita, Samara/Nosara, Tamarindo. But, we felt it would be valuable to drop into this space with you and share about how the quest of pursuing your dreams looks like after you’ve departed and…before you’ve arrived. We present here a very candid and true portrait – in real time – of a young, western family adapting to life in another country on the hunt for a place we can truly call home. All the challenges and conditions that naturally emerge when you go for it, but aren’t there yet. For people who long for another way of life, but who might be hesitant – we hope to share here a behind the scenes view of what it actually looks like. Our aim is to encourage you to go for it, but to also know what to fully expect as you depart the old for the new. Enjoy!

OS39: Hannah Miller – The “Edventure Girl” & Dispelling The Myths Of World Schooling

When presented with the idea of “world schooling” as a replacement for formal, classroom education, most parents typically default into various forms of knee-jerk reactions: “What about having friends? How can you cultivate a social circle while on the move? What about college? Does this style of education prepare you for university? How will my son/daughter get a job if they aren’t formally educated?” These questions are certainly valid but usually point to one’s own programming and a lack of clarity on what world schooling truly means. Enter Hannah Miller, the self-described “Edventure Girl”. From the ages of 11-18 she, along with her three younger siblings, was officially “world schooled”. Along the way, Hannah encountered profound adventures and a deep appreciation for the world and it’s vast and vibrant cultural landscape. And, she has made many friends, is currently enrolled in one of Canada’s most prestigious universities (Queens University in Kingston, Ontario) and has a remarkably evolved outlook on the notion of career and work which she directly attributes to being educated outside of the box. We are honored to share our conversation with Hannah and her clear and shining example of what happens when learning, travel and excitement are given the room to mingle, connect and flourish. In other words, a wonderfully varied, curious and thoughtful person most ready for the world.

OS38: Didi Taihuttu – Bitcoin, Minimalism & Prioritizing Freedom

After building the complete picture of happiness sold to each of us by society, Didi Taihuttu was more stressed and worn-out than ever. Upon realizing this, he didn’t get angry. Quite simply, he sold it all back in an effort to reclaim his and his family’s freedom. Unlike many who spend their lives addicted to the accumulation of material goods, Didi was able to take a step back and see that – in fact – the “stuff” was taking away from his happiness, creating more stress, worry and anxiety. So, he sold everything and with his wife & 3 girls, traveled the world. But, the question remained – what to do with all the money made? In keeping with his unconventional pattern of defying the norm, Didi invested all of it – every last dime – in cryptocurrencies. And this has turned him into a fascinating story for the media and an inspiration for us. This episode of the Ownstream Podcast features Didi and his story, but also reveals – in laymen’s terms – what cryptocurrencies are (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), clarifies the brilliance of the blockchain and, most importantly, reveals what drives him and his family more than anything else (and how their motivation has nothing to do with making money). Enjoy!

OS36: Ben Hewitt – Unschooling, Fostering Curiosity & Learning To Let Go

Author, dad and farmer Ben Hewitt has emerged as one of the leaders in the alternative education movement. For over a decade he and his wife Penny have explored the nuances of “unschooling” their kids (a word they admittedly dislike). Basically, the idea is to give kids room to explore, follow their excitement and then – as parents – step in and facilitate, add enthusiasm and get out of the way. The result are two boys who are independent, confident and highly expressed. This road has led them through all manner of peaks and valleys, which we explore in this conversation. What happened when Ben’s eldest son wasn’t reading by the (supposed) “correct” time? What did Ben and Penny do when they discovered their youngest son trapping animals on their farm? How did they respond when their eldest suddenly desired a traditional school/educational experience? And, what are their views of the standard educational system in the west now with over 10 years of experience behind them? We discuss this and much, much more with Ben Hewitt in this Ownstream Podcast interview. Mostly, we delve into the remarkable nature of learning and creativity and how joyful and expansive it can be if we simply allow kids to follow their own excitement, and then, do the hardest thing: let go. Enjoy!

OS32: Sara Warden – Travel, World Schooling & Raising Global Citizens

When Sara Warden’s husband landed a great job in Morocco, they jumped at the opportunity. They were done with New York City, and felt the call to take their two kids to another country enabling them to directly learn about another culture and way of life. Thus begins Sara and her family’s amazing journey with world schooling and living life outside of the box. They have since traveled to many countries, learning and experiencing great art, culture, language and more. This radically different approach to education has also caused Sara to question many other “normal” aspects of western life too: social media, mobile devices, food…you name it. Like many other parents, Sara has found the traditional way of educating her kids to be lacking and that the world schooling approach has awakened a natural, organic love of learning in her kids. In this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, we discuss her experiences with traveling with her kids, how world schooling works for them and how it has opened up an entirely new way of life for her and her family. Namely, a life more fully aligned with their values and excitement, and the wish to inspire others to do to the same. Enjoy!