OS53: Amy Schrift – The Power of Nature to Transform a Life

How many people talk about spending more time in nature? Yearn for time outside, in the ocean, forest, mountains? When we lived in NYC, talk of getting into nature was practically a mantra on the street. The thing is, while most people feel a call to nature, few end up spending much time there. Not so for Amy Schrift. After a heavy dinner out in the city, Amy felt a call to feed her body more naturally. That week, she discovered a living foods diet, and began eating only raw fruits and vegetables–a lifestyle she maintained for 8 years. Step by step, she reshaped her life in NYC to live as naturally as possible. She spent as much time as she could in the parks; learned where to forage fruit in upper Manhattan; shut the lights off at sunset; even slept on the floor of her high-rise studio apartment to ground herself. As she experienced it, something far beyond her was calling—she was being drawn forward by a deep force within and without, toward a more vibrant, awake, and powerful life than she had ever known. Through her, a new vision for her life emerged into being. Within two years, she was led to a parcel of wild, undomesticated land in Costa Rica. On the land, Amy lived for many years alone–or as she says “all one”–with nature. She slept under the stars without cover; planted and ate from the land; worked the fields naked in the sun; and co-created a farm and home together with her land, water, and air. Thirteen years later, the effect that this way of living has had on Amy is palpable immediately upon coming into her space. She brings a presence, awareness and clarity that are extremely rare today in our busy times. She is clearly at home and has become one with nature, its pace and rhythms. Imagine who you could be and how you might live if you heeded the call inside of you. There could be an entirely new person and a wild, open, expansive life awaiting you on the other side of that call. If you have ever felt a call to nature, and wondered how it might change you or your life, you will be riveted by this interview. Enjoy!

OS48: Dr. Pam Popper II – Debunking Vaccines, Antidepressants & Much More

Once you begin to question one area of life, the lies suddenly begin to unravel everywhere. Along the way, you are likely to encounter all sorts of characters shouting their version of the “real story” from the rooftops. When you find someone as eloquent, trustworthy and well-researched as Dr. Pam Popper, however, you grab your seat and listen. As you will find, she held nothing back in this, our second conversation (she also appears on episode #6). She starts off with a bang, describing her concern with the over-medication of Americans for mental illness, pointing out that the commonly held notion of a “chemical imbalance in the brain” has no research base. She goes on to call into serious question the safety and value of vaccines, powerfully illuminates the profound dysfunction and profit motives in our system of modern medicine, and concludes with critical health care recommendations that can benefit everyone. While we discuss some challenging topics, where we are always ultimately left at the end of conversations like this one with Dr. Popper is with profound hope, marveling at the natural power and grace of the human body. It seems that if we simply nourish it properly and avoid or eliminate the toxins that the modern world promotes, it functions beautifully, quite capable of living a long and healthy life. Certainly, this formula is playing out perfectly for Pam. She is now 61 and has no vision of retiring or slowing down. She owns her own gym and yoga studio, eats a whole-foods plant-based diet, works around the clock as a doctor and teacher (by choice and loves it), and pumps out two videos and a ton of content each week spreading the truth about some of the most controversial health issues of our time. If the truth about nutrition, drugs, disease and the human body interests you, you will hang on Dr. Popper’s every word. Enjoy!

OS45: Best of 2017 – New Paradigms for Limitless Living

2017 was the year we created Ownstream, a new platform to amplify the message that every person can live their highest truth, joy, and excitement. To that end, the Ownstream Podcast features the stories of people doing just this–following their own resonance and using it as direction to pave new and dynamic paradigms for limitless living that are open to everyone. This episode pulls together the best of our 2017 episodes, aiming both to reveal the inner beliefs and experiences of those blazing their own unique paths, and to feature a number of specific topical paradigm shifts covered on the podcast this year. Specifically, this “Best of” episode features: the belief systems and transformational turning points of our guests, and the following new paradigms: tiny/mobile living; health and healing through diet; alternative education; entrepreneurship; redefining work as following your calling or excitement; and the new financial world of cryptocurrency. We also include reflections from our guests on the joy of living in one’s true calling and service to the world. It is tremendous what can change in a year when you refuse anymore to listen to the prescriptions of others, and begin to surround yourself only with the voices and energy of those who resonate, and who will tune you to your own highest frequency. You may find an entirely different you at the end. Or one that has been there all the time, just waiting… yearning.. leaping inside to be expressed. It is possible for everyone to do this, and a gift we intend to give with this Best of 2017 episode. Our hope is that you will find someone and something in this episode that resonates, and that will call you to move further in the direction of your own great truth, joy, and calling. What else is there, really, to do with this life? Enjoy!

OS41: Luigi Gino Di Serio – The Master Fast System

At the intersection of science, diet and the human body sits Gino Di Serio — a lifetime student of wellness and healing, and seeker of the keys to optimal health. If there was a diet or fast out there over the past 50 years, Gino tried it. We first learned of his magnum opus — the Master Fast System (MFS) — via Bentinho Massaro. When Bentinho mentioned that he had done a short version of the MFS during a recent retreat, we got interested. We eat a fairly healthy plant-based diet, but it wasn’t always that way, and we have long been interested in fasting and cleansing as a means to thoroughly detoxify the body and maximize health. Upon finishing his lengthy and detailed “protocol” for an MFS we realized we were on the precipice of reexamining yet another mainstream paradigm — one that we have always taken for granted. Namely: Our body’s dependence on food and water. That’s right, Gino believes that we’ve drastically overblown our intake needs, and instead believes that the human body is built to live largely on “plasma” coming largely from the field of energy around and within us. In this amazing conversation, Gino reveals how he pieced the MFS together, what his diet mainly consists of today, and what our diet ought to be based on nature’s perfection and what will leave our system as clear and clean as possible. If health and nutrition interest you, you are sure to find this conversation interesting – possibly even very triggering. We encourage you to listen to this in its entirety and to also check out Gino’s website (linked in the show notes) before forming a judgement. What Gino proposes might seem extreme, but if you look around you at the state of our collective’s health, something extreme might be the only path to survival. Enjoy!

OS31: Dr. Robert Ostfeld – Healing Disease & Building Community with Whole Plant Foods

Dr. Robert Ostfeld has emerged as one of the more vocal leaders in the movement to educate both our population and our medical professionals about the vast powers of the whole foods, plant-based diet. And, he is conveying his powerful message from within the food desert of the Bronx, NY. He not only helps his patients reverse their debilitating conditions of heart disease, he actively promotes the preventative powers of the diet by hosting healthy and open community whole foods plant-based meals and by actively promoting the diet through interviews such as this one. We discuss the myriad of success stories he has personally witnessed, the hurdles to sharing this simple message and the power of community in triggering lifestyle changes. This is an episode which could literally save your life or the life of someone you love. Enjoy!

OS24: Kimberly & Theo Hanson – How They Beat Cancer & Got Busy Living

It might be the most dreaded word in the western world – cancer. Many live in sheer terror at receiving this diagnosis from their doctor, certain it means death or a highly compromised life going forward. Modern medicine’s approach is to remove the tumor and then, by way of radiation and chemotherapy, eliminate any remaining cancerous tissues before these toxic treatments kill the person. A race, in other words, where only the strong survive. Many now are finding different approaches to this dreaded condition and finding not only success in reversing the disease, but a wildly new and vibrant lease on life. Enter Kimberly and Theo Hanson, who used a special juicing protocol to reverse her breast cancer and help him to lose over 100 lbs. The two of them now are on a mission to share their powerful message, inspire others and change the conversation about cancer from treating the symptom (tumors) to changing the toxic lifestyle which creates these frightening symbols of a culture gone awry. Enjoy!