OS36: Ben Hewitt – Unschooling, Fostering Curiosity & Learning To Let Go

Author, dad and farmer Ben Hewitt has emerged as one of the leaders in the alternative education movement. For over a decade he and his wife Penny have explored the nuances of “unschooling” their kids (a word they admittedly dislike). Basically, the idea is to give kids room to explore, follow their excitement and then – as parents – step in and facilitate, add enthusiasm and get out of the way. The result are two boys who are independent, confident and highly expressed. This road has led them through all manner of peaks and valleys, which we explore in this conversation. What happened when Ben’s eldest son wasn’t reading by the (supposed) “correct” time? What did Ben and Penny do when they discovered their youngest son trapping animals on their farm? How did they respond when their eldest suddenly desired a traditional school/educational experience? And, what are their views of the standard educational system in the west now with over 10 years of experience behind them? We discuss this and much, much more with Ben Hewitt in this Ownstream Podcast interview. Mostly, we delve into the remarkable nature of learning and creativity and how joyful and expansive it can be if we simply allow kids to follow their own excitement, and then, do the hardest thing: let go. Enjoy!