Our Bright Future #20: Martin Richtsfeld – Toward Digital Freedom & a New Relationship with Technology

Online privacy and security is of great importance to many of us and yet – how to go about practically making my online experience safer for myself? This question has nagged at us for a few years now, and so we are delighted to share this amazing conversation with Martin Richtsfeld!

Martin studied Information Technology and Economics in the early 2000s at the technical university of Vienna, back when we were first using email. His focus – even way back then! – was on Cyber Security. The digital landscape has changed vastly in the years in between, but he always stayed on top of this area in his almost 20 years of experience.

In this expansive, encouraging, very practical and heart-opening conversation with Martin, we are excited to cover all angles on this hugely important topic and will kick-off two more in depth sessions in the Ownstream Network for those who desire Martin’s support in actualizing many of his tips and concepts within their own online security system.

For many of us, feeling safe and secure online and with technology is super important and we truly hope this conversation with Martin helps us move powerfully and positively in that direction.

Our Bright Future #4: Walter Almeida on The Future of Online Networks: How Communities Build Their Own Systems for Connection & Exchange on a New Earth

What if there was an entirely different way to connect and exchange online that served our awakening planet and its communities? What if we could create our own online systems for connection and exchange? How would we want them to look and feel? What would be their mission, values, and objectives? What goals would they serve?

And finally…

What if online networks were established by communities to serve a set of common and shared purposes defined by communities themselves?

Walter Almeida has spent over a decade of his life developing a technology that he is now open sourcing, that can be used to do just that. To help communities come together, identify their needs for connection and exchange, and then design their own platform to meet those needs, help and serve one another. While working for the corporate world, he never felt the existing platforms served the highest good. He has since stepped out with a mission to create a technology that anyone can use to design their own community network online—say, the Wordpress of online social and exchange networks.

In this episode we plan to dive deep into the world of online networks, how they have largely failed humanity and an exciting vision for upgrading this system via some exciting new technology. Also, we cover an exciting new opportunity for the Ownstream Community to pilot this technology in creating a new community for us, serving our unique needs. Join us!