Our Bright Future #3: Elaira Tickute, Into The “Care Economy”: The Future of Work, Business, and Value Exchange in the New Earth

As the world transforms, and people become aware of their unlimited potential, what will be the new world of work and business?

Elaira Tickute has spent her life devoted to human potential, and to helping people unlock the highest version of themselves. She studied human design in various formats for 17 years, then launched her own heart-driven business, focused on helping others find their own human design, purpose, and heart inspiration, and work and create from that place within. She is dedicated to living from a philosophy of “human first, business second”, and this she says is the core of the new “care economy” and “care currency” that will emerge on Earth as we transition to a new society: we will work out of an innate drive to serve others—from our hearts, from our care for others—and that gift to others will form the basis of how value is exchanged, across society.

In this conversation, we will discuss a number of topics related to the new world of work, creation, and value exchange.

OS61: Kathleen Morton – Vanlife, Breaking The Rules & Creating Your Own Life Story

Kathleen Morton never understood why people seem to live by the same unwritten rules. As a child, she most enjoyed the sanctuary of her bedroom, where her natural creativity flourished. Like many of us, when she graduated high school and moved into the larger world, Kathleen believed, as her parents encouraged her to, that a traditional education and career path would bring her happiness, money and success in life. Returning home after college, one potential story of her life flashed before her eyes: hanging out with the same friends, doing the same things every day, in a mechanical urban environment and routine. Something inside her knew there was more to life, and called out for the vast, open expanses of nature, which spoke of unlimited possibility. She moved to Colorado, and soon, the city girl who didn’t know how to hike found herself more and more at home in the outdoors. As she spent more time in nature, she began to question the way she lived, and the footprint she was making on the Earth. To live closer to nature, she bought a pop-up camper with her then boyfriend for $1,800. Finding space with a local family, she and her boyfriend made home there anew. They felt the changes of seasons and morning dew directly through the permeable camper walls, and comingled with the local wildlife. Kathleen wondered – finding more financial and personal freedom – why more people didn’t live this way. What began as an experiment with tiny, off-grid living soon revealed itself as a calling, and a new story for Kathleen’s life: to live closely and in flow with nature, minimize her impact on the environment, and tell her story – and those of others making life this way – to show others that this is, in fact possible, and maybe inspire them to do the same. Today, Kathleen lives and wanders through nature in a 1987 Toyota van, together with her dog, Peaches. She has created a blog and podcast where she tells her story and the stories of other van dwellers, and she serves this community by creating monthly #vanlife gatherings around the country, where the growing community of mobile, alternative home explorers can gather on the frontier, support one another in the lifestyle and movement they are pioneering. She talks in this intimate interview about what it’s really like to live and work all over the country in a van, and why – despite the challenges – she feels endlessly fortunate that she is able to live in this way, enjoy the open freedom of her days, and create her own story of her life each day. Enjoy!

OS47: Natalie Sisson – Her Journey from Digital Nomad to “Freedomist” & More

For Natalie Sisson, doing anything which doesn’t feel good for too long sets off an internal alarm. So, some 10 years ago, after too many days of feeling “off” at a corporate job…she quit. What’s remarkable about her decision is that she didn’t have a solid plan for what to do afterwards, but took the leap anyway. What unfolded from there is truly epic: 70 countries in 7 years, multiple online programs helping other digital nomads, a very popular podcast, her own book and a vast array of experiences that many only dream about. And, as she describes in this week’s Ownstream Podcast, she mainly follows the simple breadcrumb trail of her excitement. She is comfortable not knowing what lays past the horizon. This outlook has given her the amazing ability to leap where others might balk. And, it has given her the conviction that others can do the same. She recently gave up the digital nomad lifestyle and now owns land in New Zealand and, with her partner, has a new vision of freedom and service. What’s wonderful about this conversation is that Natalie believes that anyone can do this. The path she has walked isn’t for the few. It’s for those who decide it’s for them. Consider yourself warned: this conversation might give you the clarity and motivation to decide to take the leap yourself. Enjoy!

OS46: Nadine Pisani – Finding Connection, Creativity & True Happiness in Costa Rica

Many dream of it, but very few actually do it: sell it all and move to paradise. For Nadine Pisani, it took her husband being hospitalized for 10 days for her to realize that their way of life as chiropractors in Pennsylvania wasn’t working. A short time later, they walked off a plane in Costa Rica and knew immediately they had done the right thing. Since that time, they have stopped working so much, fostered all sorts of other creative interests and have fallen back in love with life and each other. In this episode, we talk specifically about her transition from living in the US to a full-timer in Costa Rica. Included in this is how her writing career took off (she has now authored 4 books), how they built their own B&B near Tamarindo and their daily coffee dance (something about fresh, Costa Rican coffee…). What surprises or challenges awaited them? What was it like transitioning to an entirely different (and slower) way of life? What is it actually like now some years later – was it all worth it? If you have ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and moving to paradise, you will love this episode. Nadine Pisani and her husband Rob did it and found a flourishing, vibrant and joyful life awaiting them in paradise. It wasn’t always a straight path, but it has definitely been worth it. Enjoy!

OS42: Hemma Haridin – Healing, Confidence & Personal Acceleration

Just a few years ago, Hemma Haridin ran multiple accounting franchises in New York City. She was marginally fulfilled, supported her family and loved being her own boss. Upon the passing of her dear grandfather though, some parts of herself began to open up, revealing a vastly different blueprint for living than the one she previously assumed. She began receiving messages – very clear ones – related to a deeper calling or capacity that she had barely tapped. “You’re a healer”, she heard. After hearing this exciting message, she quickly went to google (as you do) to learn more. The first search result was a modality of healing that rang the bell for her -ThetaHealing®. That night, she attended a nearby workshop, cleared some blockages in her psyche and became an immediate believer. In other words, she moved quickly, acting on her excitement with confidence. The results were startling. Two short years later, Hemma has a thriving healing business, helping others to clear their blockages and step into their life paths with full power, and leads powerful trainings enabling others to uncover their healing talents. She also has a unique specialty which is to empower spiritual entrepreneurs to fully own their power and their path. In this episode we discuss her stunning life change, how she became so confident to act quickly and decisively on her excitement and how easy and swift it can be to heal old wounds and traumas. It’s a story of speed, yes, but also one of boldly stepping into one’s true calling in life and the magic that awaits when we do. Enjoy!

Radical Lifestyle Redesign III: Time to “Burn The Boats” (Or, Your Moment of Confirmation)

Many people want to change their lives, but few actually do – why is this? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t truly “all in”. What then separates those who succeed from those who don’t? Virtually everyone we have spoken with on the Ownstream Podcast, or just in the flow of life, who has pulled off of the mainstream path creating something truly their “own” have done what we call “burn the boats”. In other words, they have taken irrevocable, and often dramatic, action in the direction of their life’s calling. This sometimes means leaving a job, moving across the world, selling everything and traveling or some other radically different, out of the box, act. In this article, we discuss why this is so and break down the specific steps to successfully designing your own “burn the boats” (or “confirmation”, as we call it) moment.

OS12: Derek Loudermilk – Scientist & Cyclist Turned Artist Of Adventure

Derek Loudermilk’s path in life has been anything but straight, but it has most certainly led him somewhere wonderful. His first career was microbiology. His next? Cycling coach. And now? Online business coach and archivist of adventure. So often, we hold ourselves back given we can’t see from “here” to “there”, but Derek has turned this into his most powerful asset. He’s willing to change directions, give it all up for something else and go for it. In this Ownstream Podcast interview we discuss Derek’s unique definition of adventure, the health scare that powerfully oriented him away from the mainstream, starting a cycling business in Spain, early family travel and his quest to see all 50 states and his current mission to help others run successful online businesses freeing them from the 9-5 in order to more fully live the calling of their own, unique adventure . Enjoy!

OS11: Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition – Living, Moving & Chronicling All Things “Tiny”

Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition have emerged as leaders within the vibrant and growing world of tiny houses. Filmmakers and storytellers, their mission is to help expand the tiny house community via beautiful media related to tiny homes, advocating for coding changes enabling more to go tiny and building awareness via the lens of their own tiny house journey. In this episode, learn of their design and build (they DIY’d about 80% of their tiny house), their travels across the US with their “THOW” (storage? bathroom? kitchen? It’s all there), the challenges and rewards from this unique lifestyle and their mission to archive this exciting new possibility for many who seek an upgraded living arrangement over and above the traditional model of owning a mortgage or paying rent. Enjoy!

OS10: Andrew Henderson, the “Nomad Capitalist” – Go Where You’re Treated Best

In a growing and shady world of financial complexity (tax law, passports and visas, emerging markets, bank accounts & more), it’s good to have an expert. Meet Andrew Henderson. Andrew’s mantra is simple: “go where you’re treated best”. Andrew has placed himself at the forefront of these important issues and aims to give you the advantage you need to both save more of your hard-earned money while making much more when you utilize it in the marketplace. Andrew is our guest on this week’s Ownstream podcast, and he discusses the new “safe havens” for potential ex-pats and investors, why Mexico is a far better place to flee than Canada if you fear Trump and reveals his current mobile lifestyle, which is sure to fascinate even the most savvy international business traveler. Enjoy!

OS9: Jon Block – Screenwriter Turned Entrepreneur & Messenger of Impact

Jon Block

Coach and entrepreneur Jon Block knew something was off. He was a screenwriter in LA who spent much of his day typing on a keyboard, having little to no interaction with other people. It was through this utterly false scenario that he felt something truer calling to him within…”impact”. By making little to no impact on others and the world, he realized he deeply desired to do just that. A few years later, now a successful entrepreneur helping coaches present themselves with power and authenticity from the stage, Jon looks back during this interview to share his amazing story. Also, learn about his own powerful attempts at self-transformation (which worked) and learn insights into starting your own online business and why now is the ideal time to do so. Enjoy!