OS43: Matt Mitler – Theater, Transformation & The Pursuit Of Truth

It is said that the inherent challenges of being an actor will rather naturally weed out those without the true bug in their system. If this is true, Matt Mitler must be completely consumed by it. His ambition though is not for fame nor fortune, as his interest in those conventional notions of success has waned as he and his work have matured. Instead, it is the tantalizing quest for truth, expansion and – perhaps most of all – the urgent need to serve others using his art. Imagine this: a group of actors wholly dedicated to the audience – be it in a theater, church or hospital – rather then the aggrandizement of themselves or the whole. In your picture, be certain that the troupe is imminently skilled, expressive, nimble and daring – all at once. This is Matt Mitler’s utopia of sorts, his beloved group Dzieci Theatre, laden with some of the finest performers in New York City (including Matt himself). Dzieci’s aim is to utilize theater and performance as a means for the personal evolution of the actor and the blooming of the heart in the audience. In this interview, we discuss the evolution of Matt’s art and how seemingly every aspect of his career and the evolution of Dzieci has existed outside of the traditional box. We explore how Matt’s amazing path has been in service to a hidden taste for truth, and that by trusting the calling of sorts, Matt’s journey has brought him all sorts of surprises and connections. We also probe Matt’s remarkable history having studied with directors Jerzy Grotowski & Eugenio Barba, the actor Ryszard Cieslak, humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers and more. Ultimately, this is a story of following one’s unique taste for truth, and when mixed with a little faith, how this simple approach creates something remarkable, rich and imminently meaningful. Enjoy!

OS34: Lynne McTaggart – Intention, The Field & The Power of 8

Lynne McTaggart admits she is a “disruptor”. Trained as an investigative journalist, she is highly skilled at identifying questionable practices or truths, exploring these deeply and testing them to obtain some measure of objectivity. Initially, it was medical practices and treatments that didn’t seem to deliver their promised results. This led to her highly successful magazine “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”. She never expected her life’s journey to propel her into the study of spirituality, consciousness and healing. But, as is so often the case, our path can sometimes be surprising as it leads us to our destiny of fulfillment and service. This has certainly been the case for Lynne as she now explores the power of small groups of people (8, in fact) that – together – focus on a collective intention aiming to positively impact others. These intentions range from lowering the death tolls in war-torn areas to healing a disease in a specific person. The results are astonishing, most notably in the group members themselves. Seems all sorts of miracles can flow once we focus on serving others. These amazing results form the basis of this week’s Ownstream podcast interview with Lynne. Learn “what” an intention truly is, how to form your own groups of 8 (and how to focus them) & why there is such power and leverage within the vast field of consciousness which connects us all. It was a huge pleasure speaking with Lynne, a true leader at the vital intersection of science and spirit. Enjoy!

OS25: Chess Edwards – From Betrayal to Awakening & The Adventure Within

The spirit of adventure has always come naturally to Chess Edwards. For many years, he has taken small groups into the remotest corners of the world, hoping that the outer environs would shake them loose from the mundane patterns of the mainstream path. His desire was that people would return from a trip, and review their life through a broader lens making dramatic changes in their world steering always towards more power, vitality…and joy. Chess blends this spirit of outer adventure with a powerful and deep meditation practice, exploring all forms of life’s edges – both inner and outer. His message is clear – the true adventure is within, in the frontier of consciousness. In this incredibly candid interview, Chess discusses his feelings of betrayal at the promises of the mainstream path (media, education, family etc) and how he rose above this. Learn his stunning definition of the ego and the “illusion” and how people can disidentify with the false, and align with the truth uncovering true joy, meaning and purpose. His life, and this epic conversation, is a shining testament to the powerful spiritual channel he advocates of alignment and surrender. Enjoy!