Our Bright Future #2: Raffaella Russignaga on The Future of Money, Elevated Peer Exchange & The Rise of Cryptocurrency (+ How to Get Started)

The financial systems of the old world are crumbling, and a new economy will rise — one based in self-awareness, care, and the sharing of human resources for the greater good.

What is the future of money?
What systems for value exchange will rise to take the place of the corporate structures that have fallen?
What does value exchange look like in a world and among beings that have transcended installed lack beliefs around resource scarcity and personal unworthiness?

Picking up where we left off in our discussion of breaking free of the old money game last week with Sarah Armide, this week, we speak with Raffaella Russignaga about the end of the old money system, and the rise of peer-to-peer money exchanges, created by the people for an elevated, peer-driven economy. The first innovative giant in this space has been Bitcoin, the first digital currency, and we will discuss in depth the rise of cryptocurrency (peer-driven digital currency) as a new way to store and exchange value:

What is cryptocurrency? How does it work? How is it relevant to the future of money/value exchange in our society? How can I get started? What’s next, and what to expect in the next few years? We’re thrilled to have Raffaella for this conversation, as she is an awake being, well aware of the true transformation happening on the planet, and an expert in crypto and investing. She will also discuss the impact of disconnecting recently from social media, and what inspiration, creation, and abundance feel like beyond the powerful, intentional, mind-grabbing controls of these systems.

OS38: Didi Taihuttu – Bitcoin, Minimalism & Prioritizing Freedom

After building the complete picture of happiness sold to each of us by society, Didi Taihuttu was more stressed and worn-out than ever. Upon realizing this, he didn’t get angry. Quite simply, he sold it all back in an effort to reclaim his and his family’s freedom. Unlike many who spend their lives addicted to the accumulation of material goods, Didi was able to take a step back and see that – in fact – the “stuff” was taking away from his happiness, creating more stress, worry and anxiety. So, he sold everything and with his wife & 3 girls, traveled the world. But, the question remained – what to do with all the money made? In keeping with his unconventional pattern of defying the norm, Didi invested all of it – every last dime – in cryptocurrencies. And this has turned him into a fascinating story for the media and an inspiration for us. This episode of the Ownstream Podcast features Didi and his story, but also reveals – in laymen’s terms – what cryptocurrencies are (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), clarifies the brilliance of the blockchain and, most importantly, reveals what drives him and his family more than anything else (and how their motivation has nothing to do with making money). Enjoy!