Our Bright Future #5: Susan Manewich on the Future of Energy, Tapping the Etheric Field and Her Early Experiences of Contact

Susan Manewich

“Our Bright Future” Session #5
Featuring Special Guest: Susan Manewich
(Replay available below)

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Free Energy.

Imagine a society in which every source of energy was free, abundant and available to all, and non-destructive to the Earth. A world where the extraordinary, interconnected field of energy that envelops us all was acknowledged, understood, and leveraged for every energy need we have as individuals and a society.

A world beyond the old systems of control that suggest our energy supplies are limited, expensive, and by necessity, must harmfully leech the Earth of its resources.

This world would represent the continuation and fruition of the trailblazing work of Nikolai Tesla and other (seeming) renegade scientists – where the fruits of their considerable labors would be out in the open, channeled into service on the planet, and enjoyed by each of us, and by a planet thriving in its natural state of abundance.

Susan Manewich contemplates this world – and what is needed to bring it into reality – on a daily basis, via her work as President of the “New Energy Movement” – a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of advanced, clean, and sustainable energy sources, with the ultimate aim of creating and supporting self-sufficient communities on Earth.

Susan has always known that her mission on the planet was to be part of the powerful transition we are currently experiencing from a seemingly closed and limited society, shrouded by a false veil of scarcity, into one powered by the limitless energy and abundance flowing all around and through us. She can recall memories from being in her mother’s womb, has had considerable ET contact throughout her life, and feels closely connected to her intuition, and the non-linear guidance she receives along her journey. A huge part of her mission has been bringing to light what we know about the availability of energy all around us in the quantum field, and supporting the development and realization of technologies here on Earth that harness that energy for the benefit of all.

In this powerful “Our Bright Future” conversation, we will discuss:

  • Susan’s early ET contact experience, and how it impacted her childhood, what she learned about “empathy”  and her life direction into early adulthood
  • Her vision of current world events and where we are with the transition to a new society playing out
  • How “energy” has been co-opted for the old world agenda, how the truth has been suppressed and energy used as a weapon against humankind (and the Earth itself), and her vision for what lies beyond the now crumbling paradigm
  • Free Energy – her vision for a New Earth and a collective, enlightened relationship to energy:
    • What do we know about channeling free energy into use for humankind?
    • What are some examples of the most promising technologies being demonstrated now?
    • What is just ahead of us? What new resources, and what challenges lie in front of us?
    • What can we do, individually, to bring about a society that maximizes free energy, and how can we build plans for greater self-sufficiency as we navigate the world’s transition?

We are so excited to talk with Susan about this profoundly important topic impacting us all and the very future of the planet -how our society revolves around our relationship to energy, and the urgent need and possibility now to upgrade our current, closed and expiring systems. We hope you will join us!

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