OS50: Steven Michaels – Bitcoin Investor & Freedom Fighter

Freedom and responsibility aren’t interconnected things. They are the same thing.

~ Harry Browne

Quite often, the quest for freedom hinges on the clear realization of its opposite – slavery.

For Steven Michaels, the pivotal moment came at a bank, when, as a young entrepreneur and husband, he sought to remove the last of his money to buy groceries. Last he checked, he had around 600 bucks.

No money was there. After double-checking, the teller told him that his money had been removed by the IRS.


From that moment of powerlessness, Steven made it his mission to maximize his understanding and experience of freedom and liberty in our modern world. It has been his sole focus for nearly 30 years.

And, as you will find on this week’s Ownstream Podcast, he has a lot to say on the topic.

This quest to be “free in an unfree world” rather naturally created a strong interest for Steve in the rise of cryptocurrencies and, specifically, bitcoin. In fact, after much study and personal experience, Steve’s very simple position on this exciting new market is to invest only in bitcoin (and no other cryptocurrencies), as he feels certain that bitcoin will be the final “crypto” standing when it’s all said and done.

In this deep and candid interview, Steve describes the many ways that we are not free in this society (ways we often may not even recognize or question), and the solutions he adheres to to defend and empower himself in this reality.

Seeing bitcoin as a powerful and unparalleled new tool of self defense, he very clearly tells the now 9-year history of bitcoin, and its wide-reaching implications across our society. He talks about why it’s the best crypto out there for investors, and hints at how sky high he believes it eventually will go.

For those interested in carving out as much freedom in this world as possible, Steven Michaels is here to help. This is our longest interview to date for a reason – few are as informed, well-spoken and candid as Steve, and any listener will walk away with many critical and immediate tools to undo the various shackles that bind us.

While Steve’s general approach to life, freedom and empowerment is in many ways inspiring, a central aim we had with this conversation was to educate people about cryptocurrencies and, specifically, bitcoin. It is the belief of many, including Steve, that crypto’s hold potential for the most significant transfer of wealth in our lifetime, and we would like nothing more than for you to get in on this dramatic change.

If you have any questions for Steve, we hope you will post those below. We have invited him to share further within the comments at the bottom of this post.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this conversation with true freedom fighter, Steven Michaels and that you take a closer look at cryptocurrencies as not only a movement towards a truly global and decentralized currency but also as a possible way for you to grow immeasurable wealth for you and your family.


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