OS28: Stacie Malkus – The Healing Power of Oils + The Rise of Network Marketing

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Stacie Malkus
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Sometimes, your calling arrives via the most unexpected and surprising path.

For Stacie Malkus, it came via a business format that – initially – caused her to cringe. But, like the truth typically does, it kept after her…and eventually found her.

Blame the lavender.

You see, Stacie’s 2-year old daughter was going through a challenging phase with sleep. As any parent can tell you, sleep for a child is vital not only for your little one’s health and well-being, but also for mommy and daddy’s sanity. After applying a tiny amount of lavender to her daughter’s feet, her little girl took a 3-hour+ nap and made Stacie a believer.

Now, less than 4 years later, Stacie oversees a team of 40,000 members using powerful essential oils. Many of these men and women are making a strong living and refashioning one of the more scorned business structures ever…the network marketing pyramid.

These days, with the internet, no flawed brand or product can survive for very long, so you’d better believe that for a company to opt-in to this much maligned structure, it better be good. It just so happens that these oils (more on that in a sec) aren’t just good, they are great.

Stacie has not only become a full-time leader in the industry, but she has also retired her husband, giving them both more freedom and power over their time. More time for surfing, spending time with their beloved daughter, Brooklyn, and traveling.

Stacie never saw herself in sales. Fortunately for her, this product doesn’t need a salesperson…it needs a believer. As she and thousands of others can attest, believing is easy when the product is this good.

This interview then is both about the powers of essential oils – how to use them, what types of conditions they can address, why they are so useful, and why they are powerfully challenging the medical establishment – and also about the return of network marketing as a viable business opportunity, even to those who can’t stand the smell of sales.

If you are interested then in alternative ways to prevent and address illness, treat injury and promote wellness, you will love this episode.

But you will also love it if you are keen to learn about how modern network marketing structures present an easy opportunity to build your own business and create wealth and freedom in your life by listening to how Stacie did it – by simply sharing her experience, without ever resorting to sleazy sales tactics.


Stacie Malkus

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