OS32: Sara Warden – Travel, World Schooling & Raising Global Citizens

Experience, travel – these are an education in themselves

~ Euripides

Sara WardenSara Warden and her family had had enough of New York City.

So, when her husband landed an amazing job in Morocco that required them to move within two weeks time, they jumped at the opportunity.

Moving overseas can be fraught with challenges, and certainly Sara and her family were not spared. But, beyond the hurdles to starting a life in a completely new place, was an incredible chance to question, adapt and discover a new way of being in the world for Sara and her husband, and also for their two children.

There began the blooming of a way of life more and more their own, and an approach to education that was very much outside of the traditional box.

World schooling is much like it sounds – a way of connecting kids, via travel, to locations and experiences that are their teachers and lessons. So, instead of learning about renaissance painting via a textbook, you visit Rome. More and more families are embracing this trend as a way of connecting their kids with the spirit of adventure and experiential education, and also to help them get to know the world and other cultures. And, perhaps most importantly, show them how other countries and peoples aren’t to be feared, but rather appreciated, understood and truly seen, as teachers themselves.

Sara’s experiences educating her children overseas also allowed her to question many assumptions we have about life in the west. Everything from food, mobile devices and social media have attracted her scrutiny and consideration through a new lens, resulting in the creation of a highly conscious lifestyle design that is more reflective of Sara and her family’s true values.

More and more, finding ways to live outside of the mainstream box is becoming possible given our expanding ability to share information and strategies with each other via the internet. Perhaps as important is the possibility to be inspired by another person who is just like you, doing something that you desire to do as well, but may not have known how or had the courage to do so. Sara and her wonderful journey is an example of both.

In this interview, we discuss a variety of specific ways that she and her family have oriented themselves in the modern world. But, also, Sara joyfully describes her own imperfect learning curve, inviting you to hopefully embark on your own.

This is an episode, yes, about world schooling – what that is and how one family does it – but also about choosing to question the norms of your culture and society, and finding your own way in the world.


Sara Warden

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