Our Bright Future #1: Sarah Armide on Freedom From The Old Money Paradigm, New Earth Communities & More

Sarah Armide, "Our Bright Future"(NOTE: This conversation took place on October 2nd, but if you wanted to watch the replay, please use the “Join Us” link at the bottom of the page to register after which you will be given the YouTube rewatch link. All conversations in the “Our Bright Future” series are accessible on a “pay what you want” basis, so we invite you to inquire within yourself as to what you feel this content is worth to you and then, to share that with us. Thank you & enjoy!)

We are thrilled to launch Ownstream’s “Our Bright Future”, Building the New Earth conversation series this week with Sarah Armide.

This conversation will take place on Friday, October 2nd at 1p pacific/4p eastern. For more on the aims of the series and our donation model, please click here.

As you know, in this series, we plan to discuss and blaze luminous paths forward to a New Earth. As part of this, we will cover a range of topics that are relevant to the reality beyond the Earth’s current transition—from overcoming our patterns, to living closer to nature, to growing our own food, families, and communities, to developing new systems for society, exchange, business, and governance, to embodying our full physical and energetic potential as human beings.

As we considered how to start this series, it became clear that we should begin with Sarah—who we have known for a long time but never interviewed, and who, after a dramatic health crisis catalyst into awakening five years ago, has been living a New Earth reality across a number of domains, and speaking, sharing and guiding others on paths to do the same.

As it happens, Sarah came right into our world the moment we decided to launch this series, through a few synchronous online encounters and reintroductions, and it felt like the door opening and asking us forward into this conversation. We noticed she was exploring cryptocurrency, new ways of investing and exchanging value, and we watched a conversation she held on cryptocurrency that day. In that talk in her online Facebook community, she referenced a video she had done in May called Depower the D{{p State, in which she discussed her own experience and success in breaking free of the “money matrix”—that is, the installed belief systems about money, value, and work that enslave us from the inside out.

She described in that video the process she practiced—with devotion—to overcome her own limiting beliefs about money, and how she freed herself from these patterns to live the natural existence of creation and abundance that is possible and meant for all of us. She absolutely nailed it—and we knew we wanted to start this series there.

Money is the threshold issue for so many of us seeking to overcome the mental containers that keep us stuck to a conditioned identity, and life a life inspired freely by our human spirit, its joys, longings and inspirations. Those of us who have been at it for some time on the spiritual path have the experience of waking up, and we KNOW the truth—that we are infinite beings, beyond our given name, identity and social life prescription. We KNOW we can live differently. We KNOW we are not meant to live as slaves to the education, work and money systems.

But—so many of us still do. We stay in our jobs, or we make some changes or take leaps, but end up back in the same jobs, lifestyles, or the mirror image of them. We can’t get beyond our beliefs and patterns, which are so deeply ingrained. We want to live a life guided by our own inspiration, spirit—by Source. But we can’t break free.

Sarah has broken free, and she powerfully and succinctly teaches her process for this, with so much clarity and light, that we had to begin our series on moving forward into a New Earth here. We will walk through the process that Sarah has used with herself and others during our conversation.

And we will cover so much more together. Sarah is living and breathing a whole constellation of paradigms for the New Earth society. She began her awakening journey with radical self-healing, and has for 5 years since, taught other beings how to heal themselves, awaken to their higher consciousness, and realize their full potential.

Through her own healing, she realized that illness and “dis-ease”—and everything we experience in our outer reality—is merely a projection of what lies within. And as such, what we are experiencing outside is the clue, always and continuously, to what we have remaining within us to purify—physically, mentally, and emotionally, to realize our true freedom.

She does courses on cellular detoxification and healing, and currently is producing a series on trauma release. In our conversation, will plan to talk in depth in about how that purification and healing process has worked for Sarah, to release hew own stuck patterns and trauma, and live in pure radiance, health, and vitality on the other side.

Sarah also spent 3 years living in community in Costa Rica, is on her way to Bali to co-create another community with her soul family, and has given much energy and space to visioning what life will look like in community as the New Earth rises.

We are so happy to begin our conversation series this week with Sarah Armide. This conversation, as all conversations in this series, will be offered freely on a donation basis. Sign up and enter your questions below!

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