OS15: Ronnie Landis – Food, Health, Longevity & Living Your Destiny

Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.

~ Chinese Proverb

Ronnie LandisRonnie Landis is a rare breed.

Whereas many of us might find ourselves pulled in various directions in life, Ronnie is 100% clear of his path, and has taken dramatic steps to align everything with this mission, or calling.

There is nothing about Ronnie that doesn’t match or fit him, and every choice he makes is funneled through this ultimate aim. His diet, his living space, his desk setup, his clothing…all of it is designed to serve the mission.

It’s the definition of integrity.

It didn’t used to be this way though, as a number of years ago Ronnie was pursuing a very different path in life as a professional athlete and martial artist. It was a knee injury which derailed his hopes at playing professional basketball, but how he healed this was what oriented him in a radically new direction teaching him a fundamental truth, namely:

That the food we eat cannot only help us feel better, it can heal injuries and disease, and can help us fully step into our destinies, becoming who we are actually meant to be.

Nutrition, therefore, is not just an element to living our destiny, it is the true fuel for unlocking our potential and connecting us with the divine.

Ronnie eats a very specific diet – largely composed of raw food – and makes the crystal clear point that eating living food helps us more powerfully live and serve. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s an idea that, for many, is so far outside of the box as to seem crazy – cooking your food de-natures it, reducing its ability to offer its gift to us. And yet, for us at Ownstream, the simplicity of this truth has caused us since meeting Ronnie to change the food we eat – and indeed we’ve noticed a powerful change in our bodies, and our lives.

Ronnie has much more to say too, specifically:

  • We discuss the pursuit of a calling, and how it became clear to him that his early vision of being an athlete was mere preparation for something much grander in scale;
  • Food as the key element in self-improvement and transformation and how to live our fullest potential;
  • How the Vedic-based phrase, “The subtle energies of our food become our mind”, changed his life and his approach to food and nutrition;
  • Inspiration as a spiritual path, and how becoming “sober” from the mainstream way of viewing reality allows us to step into a magical reality, one which is truly filled with “spirit”;
  • What “disease” truly is, and how most can be mitigated and reversed via diet and nutrition;
  • The power of adding just 1 fresh juice (mainly green) to our diet per day;
  • Entrepreneurship and how he has built a very successful health and nutrition business online;
  • How we have become domesticated in our society, and how to capture the power to reconnect with our true nature.

Truly, every phrase that Ronnie shares contains a jewel or nugget of wisdom that is designed to serve and uplift anyone who hears it. He is full service, and full time inspiration.

We are excited to share this conversation with the amazing Ronnie Landis.


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Photo credits: Top – Ronnie Landis; Bottom – Annik Boivin

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