Our Bright Future #2: Raffaella Russignaga on The Future of Money, Elevated Peer Exchange & The Rise of Cryptocurrency (+ How to Get Started)

Raffaella Russignana

“Our Bright Future” Session #2
Featuring Special Guest: Raffaella Russignaga
(Replay available below)

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The old world money system is broken.

We all know this is true, as we’ve witnessed governments and special (private) interests control the supply of currency, rates tied to using those currencies, and all manner of policy that drives our participation with currency.

We’ve also seen the effects of a world bound by money, deeply conditioned lack beliefs, and work slavery to acquire money –  and in our current lockdown environment, what happens to people and societies when that system begins to unravel.

By currency, we mean – FIAT currency. Which is, essentially, money issued by governments (or their stewards and controllers, i.e., The Federal Reserve in the U.S., etc.) that citizens use to exchange value with others, fulfill their needs and responsibilities and, in increasingly rare cases, build wealth.

More and more, however, most are left out of the joys of wealth building due to the deeply ingrained stories about money, and the various covert processes employed by power brokers that funnel true wealth creation into the hands of the few, while the many scrap away – day-to-day – just to stay afloat.

Which begs the question – is there a better way? Is there an alternative system, driven by the people, that divests power from the few and takes it where it ought to be, into the hands of everyone?

If the old system is broken, does there exist a new vision that corresponds to the awakening happening worldwide, and fits a new earth society governed by pure love, equality, shared resources, and abundance for everyone?

Raffaella Russignaga believes so, and that this massive shift is already underway in the form of cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency (“crypto”, for short)? It is, essentially, digital money (as opposed to cash dollars you can hold in your hand) with no overlord, which functions and flows “peer-to-peer”, with no intermediary needed (banks, for example).

It’s a peer-driven system of value exchange. You and I agree on an amount of value for anything, and we exchange using the crypto of our choosing.

Bitcoin was the first crypto (launched in 2009), which has become the gold standard in the burgeoning eco-system. As of today, it is trading at around $10,700 – quite the climb from $0 just 11 years ago.

From the birth of Bitcoin has emerged an entire ecosystem of new currencies and projects aiming to overthrow the toxic old money system. Coincap.io, a leading listing site for various crypto projects, lists over 1,600 coins currently, which demonstrates the vigorous passion worldwide for upgrading the means by which we exchange value.

Raffaella Russignaga brings together two important criteria for engaging the Ownstream community on this topic. One, she’s awake and sees the bigger picture of what’s unraveling (and rising) worldwide. She understands this moment in the same way we do – an old world is dying, and a new earth, based on harmony, community and pure love, is being born.

She also holds deep knowledge about cryptocurrency, and the vitally important software that forms its spine: The Blockchain.

In our conversation, we will discuss:

  • The future of money & how value exchange could look in a new earth society;
  • How our state of consciousness will determine the ascension of a new money system (and what we can do about that now);
  • Where does cryptocurrency come from and what problems does it solve? Why is it better?
  • A look at the crypto landscape and some of its more prominent projects including Bitcoin and Ethereum;
  • What is the blockchain and how does it potentially eliminate every “middleman” industry worldwide (think lawyers, realtors, bankers etc);
  • How does one get started? What might be a few first steps to take to enter into this new, fascinating world?

Critically, picking up where we left off last week with Sarah Armide, we will begin by discussing how vital it is for those that seek to create a new earth society, including new systems for value exchange, to upgrade our state of consciousness – moving past old programming and triggers that keep us bound to the old, toxic system. For it is only when we grow past the vibratory range generated by this system, that something new – including new ways to exchange value and live in shared abundance – can truly flourish and take hold.

We have been personally involved in the world of cryptocurrency for three years now, and are very excited to welcome Raffaella, and her considerable expertise, to our virtual “table” to hold this important conversation.

With you, our aim shall be to invite a clear vision of money and value exchange in an elevated society and, perhaps, a way forward from here that serves all of us in generating a world of flow, ease and true abundance for everyone.

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