A multi-faceted journey, guided by Ruth Amanda
Starting Thursday, January 18th, 2024, at 2pm:

“Rebooters” will be meeting every other week on a Thursday.
The dates are currently planned for:

1/18 – Orientation & Goals
2/1, 2/15 – Module 1
2/29, 3/14 – Module 2
3/28, 4/1 – Module 3
4/25 – Review & Wrap-up

We will be digging into three Subjects together:

– Blueblocking & Light Therapy
– EMF Mitigation
– Tech Privacy
Each Module will cover one Subject and will span one month (two Brave Talk sessions). We will be creating community, accountability, and fostering a supportive environment by working through all three Modules together, It is recommended that all Rebooters commit to being on all Talk sessions together.

Each Module’s first Talk session will encompass 1 hour in which Ruth will introduce Resources, and will make specific suggestions for Upgrades. Each session’s second Talk will encompass 1.5 hours, in which Rebooters will focus on sharing their Upgrades and working through any challenges which came up around the Upgrades. Ruth will be checking the dedciated Ownstream group Forum on the Thursdays on which we do not have Talk sessions, to answer specific Module questions and to troubleshoot any items Rebooters are working on together. The Forum will also be used as a support group environment.

When you sign up as a Rebooter
, we will collect your email addresses, so that we may invite you to the private file-sharing team on Cryptpad.fr, which is where you will be introduced to that Module’s Resources. (You will retain access to these valuable Resources after the Course is complete). Upon sign up, we will also ask that you jot down a short list of 1-3 physical Goals you wish to accomplish during each of our specific Modules. We will discuss these Goals during our first Talk session.