Our Bright Future #9: Dr. Pam Popper on Citizens in Charge — Organizing Local Communities, Taking Action, and Building New Systems for a Free Society

Pam Popper

“Our Bright Future” Session #9
Featuring Special Guest: Dr. Pam Popper
(Replay available below)

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“This is the time for all people from all races and ethnicities, from all religions, and from all political parties to come together to build a new world. We are not talking about the ‘new normal’ that the criminals and despots have in mind for us. Rather the one that we want…. We can have [it all] and more if we focus on the things we have in common. A common desire to be a free people and set aside our differences in order to achieve this very important goal.”

–Pamela A. Popper and Shane D. Prier, in “Covid Operation”

As a new collective uniting around truth and freedom, many of us find ourselves looking to key experts, guides, warriors, and teachers for wisdom and truth in these times.

Voices of strength and courage — people who are tuned in and saying what needs be said, at this time of great exertions of control, censorship, and the threat of totalitarianism.

Among the strongest and most courageous out there is Pam Popper.

For a very long time — ever since she started to learn the dangers and frauds in our current health care setup when she became a naturopathic doctor and suffered her own health crises — Pam has been an outspoken guardian of the truth. She runs a dynamic wellness center practicing “food over medicine” in the US state of Ohio, teaches a number of classes on leading edge health knowledge and techniques, and has been featured in a number of documentaries about food, health, and the US health care system. (We’ve been friends, clients, and admirers of Pam’s for a long time – in fact, she’s the only person we interviewed twice (here and here) for our Ownstream podcast, three years ago).

Pam runs a very active YouTube channel, which has surged in popularity this year, as she began releasing videos in early March 2020 suggesting something was not right — and in fact, was utterly disproportionate — about the world news, government warnings and lockdowns, etc., compared with the number of apparent cases and deaths being indicated related to an illness at the time. And she has not stopped reporting on the data, the harmful consequences of control measures, the wrongs, and the madness of it all, since. She releases 2-4 videos each week, leads an active resistance community in Ohio, and created, starting in early summer 2020, a new platform for people to organize across America to “Make Americans Free Again.”

The platform — which she hopes can be a useful example for people in other countries to organize locally and declare freedom for themselves — brings together resources, information, lawyers, and local action groups to stand up and resist the current measures of control. More specifically, the platform is: organizing and connecting people at the local level to fight restrictions; developing a network of lawyers who will represent people whose civil rights are being violated and will organize class action lawsuits; providing resources and guidance for parents deciding to withdraw their children from school; and supporting businesses that are struggling to survive.

As Pam says in her recent book, while those seeking control would like us to accept this locked down reality as our “New Normal”, and have used that simple propaganda slogan as one of among a few designed to control the masses, it us up to us WHICH “new normal” we choose. The New Normal she is advocating, along with the other members of Make Americans Free Again is “Citizens in Charge”. That is — the unity and uprising of local citizens, declaration of freedom from rule of any government or health oligarchy that does not represent our interests, and organizing of citizens into new collectives for to remake our society. As she says, all of our key systems, from government and the medical system to education and the media have utterly collapsed. We will not recover by going back to where we were, but rather by creating new systems based on our values, and what we as a people, truly want.

In this powerful “Our Bright Future” talk, we will focus on our immediate steps forward to reclaim our lives and rebuild from the local level, and our longer-term visions for a new world. More specifically, we plan to explore:

  • What was wrong with all of our systems — government, health care, education, and media especially — that provided the perfect storm, or setup, for the events of 2020?
  • Why is the collapse of all of these systems good news?
  • What is the “Make Americans Free Again” platform? How can people around the world use it? What does it mean to be Citizens in Charge?
  • What victories are we seeing across the United States and around the world? How do we maximize these victories to spread the truth and the resistance?
  • What actions can each of us take to resist unjust measures of control being pushed by apparent authorities, establish powerful collectives, and reestablish free local societies?
  • How do we rebuild our key systems? Or toss them out the window and start totally fresh?

As always, this “Our Bright Future” talk is a “pay what you wish” event. Half of all funds collected will go directly to Pam, to support her important work, and the other half will support Ownstream, and conversations like this one. You can watch live or watch the replay at a later time. Sign up to join below!

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