Ownstream Network & Crypto

Thanks for your interest in joining the Ownstream Network!

And, that clapping you hear is us applauding your interest in using Bitcoin or Ethereum to register (woo-hoo!).

First, we’re fascinated by cryptocurrency and the promise it holds for supporting a more decentralized and permissionless worldwide means of value exchange. We’re excited that this interests you as well.

We welcome and encourage people to register for the Ownstream Network using Bitcoin & Ethereum. At this time, we are only accepting BTC & ETH as payments.

Now, given the newness of this technology and how many payment systems are still catching up to include Bitcoin as an option in their basket of available currencies, there is no automated way for us to charge you monthly as you would if you paid in fiat currencies such as the US Dollar.

So that this process is as simple and efficient as possible, we are accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum payments on a quarterly basis. This means that every quarter (i.e. every three months), we will reach out to you to resubscribe using the same link as is below on this page. When you click through the payment process below, please send us a payment valued at 3 months (so for the “Master Builder” package, that would be $66, or $22 x 3; for the “Community Foundation Member” package, that would be $132, or $44 x3).

If you have any questions on this, please email us at: info@ownstream.co and we will follow-up ASAP!

To register using Bitcoin or Ethereum, please click the button below and simply follow the prompts and set your amounts. Once you do so, look for an order confirmation email from us which will include a link where you can create your account in the network and be instantly added to our membership!

Looking forward to connecting with you inside the Ownstream Network!

Click here to register as a “Master Builder”:

Click here to register as a “Growth Ambassador”:

Click here to register as a “Community Foundation Member”: