“Our Bright Future” – Building The New Earth Conversation Series

We are proud to launch a new platform to support the mass awakening and societal upgrade taking place across planet earth.

Our Bright Future Series

We are in a time of great, powerful transition. Those of us who have been awake to a greater understanding of ourselves have known for some time that our society on Earth is changing—upgrading from a seemingly limited, fear-based, and controlled existence to the limitless, all-powerful and all-loving state that is our true nature and full potential. Since earlier this year, when the world began to lock down swiftly and dramatically, the awareness of change in our society, across the planet, has become unavoidable. Our society is transforming in full, by the day, by the hour, by the minute.

We know that the external changes we see in the world are a mere reflection—as is every single thing around us—of our internal state. As we each uncover our own patterns and shadows—the conditioned, false beliefs that veil us from our true, expansive nature—and move through them to realize our full potential as limitless beings, so too must the “darkest”, hidden evils of our society emerge to be seen, accepted, and transmuted. The experience may be dark, deeply painful to accept, and horrific at times—but it is necessary to come through to reach the other side.

On the other side, what is possible? Those of us who have worked individually to purify and alchemize our patterns know that great awakenings, experiences of expansion, and limitless joy, beauty and love lie on the other side of unlocked patterns. That is our true nature. For our Earth, likewise, we know that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. On the other side of darkness will be the brightest light. The future is what we dream it to be—and it can be infinitely beautiful, beyond our wildest human dreams.

Practically, what does this mean for our Earth? What will we create as the world changes, drops its slave systems, dissolves its current societies, and people wake up to their total freedom from these impositions to live and build anew? Will there be money? What will exist in its place? How will we exchange goods, services, and value? How will we live, share resources, and govern ourselves in community? How will we heal from illness and thrive? How will we co-exist in harmony with each other as beings, and with nature? How will we use technology to serve the New Earth, organize locally, and connect our global society, driven by the principles of pure love, equality, and doing harm to no being?

This is what this series is about. It’s about Our Bright Future that certainly lies ahead of this turbulent time of awakening—disrobing, and discarding the old, and dreaming and building into reality a beautiful, expansive vision for humanity on a New Earth. There are many human visionaries, pioneers, and builders already living a new reality, and many who are developing visions, systems, and tools that will serve all of us as we build our new future together. It’s our goal with these conversations to bring these voices, visions, and concrete tools to the Ownstream Community, so that we can learn from one another, dream big, and together, build a bright future for a New Earth.

These conversations will take place on Fridays, beginning October 2nd, on our YouTube channel, and will be available by donation. This is a change for us, as prior to this, we have always offered our interviews for free. We feel a more sustainable and empowered model is to allow you to “pay what you want” to attend live and/or view later via the rewatch link (and, yes, you can “pay” $0 if you so choose). Through this, we invite you to explore what you feel this content and space are worth to you – and, then, to offer that to us as a way of exchanging value. Given our series is devoted to focusing on new paradigms across the board (and, definitely, the new paradigm emerging around money and value exchange), we want to be actively exploring this new more vibrant and refreshing model.

After each episode airs live, you can still watch prior conversations (again, by donation). For all prior episodes in the series, please click here.

We welcome suggested topics, speakers, spin-off projects, questions, and feedback on this series. Please reach out to us anytime through the contact form on this site. Also, the best way to interact with us and other like-minded individuals, is through our Ownstream Facebook Community.

Thank you for being part of the community, and of our future.

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