OS1: Theresa & Stephen – Ownstream? Follow Your Excitement, Travel, Eating Plants & More

Theresa Sgobba and Stephen ShelleyWe are so thrilled to officially launch The Ownstream Podcast!

We are Theresa Sgobba and Stephen Shelley: podcast co-hosts, married couple, new parents, coaches, creators, adventurers.

In this first episode, we say “hello” by discussing the origins of Ownstream and the intent of the overall podcast series while candidly discussing details about our current lifestyle, business and spiritual lives.

You will learn about our early challenges with the mainstream path, what led us – independent of each other to question this, and what now drives us to seek more freedom, power and abundance in our lives.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • Our explorations with a whole-foods, plant-based diet
  • How we each lived out of a 24l backpack for 3 months in Asia (2014)
  • Diverse experiences across the spiritual spectrum including yoga, Gurdjieff and a 28 year-old kid named Bentinho
  • Stephen’s history as a pick-up artist and dating coach (+ his “PUA” name…)
  • Theresa’s spiritual awakening on the NYC subway
  • Our close encounter with Tiny House Nation (+ our love of the “tiny house” movement)
  • Constant loving and joyous references to our daughter, Sofia
  • Our new mantra: follow your excitement
  • A vision for our future including travel, surfing and an Airstream

The Ownstream Podcast series is not specifically about us, but with this first episode, we wanted to introduce ourselves and hopefully make a connection with you by being candid and honest about our path, challenges and triumphs.


Theresa Sgobba and Stephen Shelley

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Show Notes
  • Ownstream – the backstory [1:52]
  • How the imminence of childbirth causes heightened focus on beliefs & actions [6:28]
  • “Mainstream” path explained [7:05]
  • The Ownstream mission [8:54]
  • What’s up with “.co”? [10:30]
  • The intent of the Ownstream Podcast [13:17]
  • What do you mean by “spirit”? [16:12]
  • Theresa’s spiritual path [17:32]
  • Law school, perfection & how Theresa’s feelings about learning changed [18:56]
  • How “A New Earth” (Eckhart Tolle) changed Theresa’s life & relationship to her mind [19:32]
  • Yoga – it’s powerful place in Theresa’s life [21:37]
  • Value of a morning routine [23:26]
  • Stephen’s spiritual path, early memories of Merce Cunningham & John Cage [24:59]
  • A first glimpse of “something more” [25:48]
  • Early influences: Peter Brook & Gurdjieff [26:51]
  • Getting over “channeling” & law of attraction [27:56]
  • Bentinho Massaro [29:03]
  • “Follow your excitement” [30:56]
  • Home ownership, moving to San Diego from NYC & interest in tiny houses [33:13]
  • Minimalism: what is it for us? Our relationship to material “things” [35:47]
  • Travel through Asia in a 24l backpack [37:00]
  • Theresa’s diet, whole -foods plant-based (WFPB) + why we don’t identify as “vegan” [38:25]
  • Travel through Asia (Stephen), minimalist travel, using points + items in his backpack [41:22]
  • Stephen’s diet, WFPB with some meat + fitness, surfing & minimalism re clothes [44:06]
  • Early job experiences: Merce Cunningham & arts career, corporate job [48:23]
  • Stephen as a pick-up artist, “The Game” (Playboy), Project Hollywood [51:09]
  • Taking the leap, leaving corporate America and becoming f/t online entrepreneur [53:28]
  • Theresa: early job experiences &, now, working remotely from home [56:16]
  • Impetus for WFPB, witnessing chronic disease & connection w/diet and food [59:13]
  • Following your excitement & the support that exists [1:00:30]
  • Vision for 2017: cleanse, weekly activities, what we’re learning & fall trip in van, airstream or RV  [1:01:01]
  • Our vision board [1:05:13]