Experiments in Ascended Living: Building Community in Costa Rica

The desire to serve is greatly enhanced by those who have banded together in order to support each other in service. So the community feeds entities and at the same time entities feed into community by their participation in the activities seen and unseen, by their sharing with others that which they have thought and talked about in community. It is as though there were a net being made of golden thread, and each time one awakened wanderer links up with another and establishes a spiritual community another piece of the net is woven, and eventually that net will cover your orb like a golden seine and the Earth shall be completely surrounded in unified love.

~ Q’uo

Earth is in the middle of a magnificent transition — moving from darkness to light, sleep to wakefulness, closure to opening, scarcity to abundance. This transformation becomes more evident every day, as old, limited structures and systems crumble around us, while experiences of dramatic spiritual awakening grow in numbers, power and visibility.

As the planet shifts, grid points around the world are emerging where a New Earth will be piloted and modeled. These are high vibrational centers of enlightened community, abundant regeneration of the land and focused creation in service to humanity.

Earlier this year, through a series of high vibrational connections and synchronicities, we were led to an area of the world where an ascended energy is already palpable in the land, environment and people, and where a strong community is being knit together by the dynamic, grounded and service-ful souls being drawn magnetically to this center.

A view of the mountains near Los Angeles de Rivas

These are the lands surrounding Mt. Chirripó, the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. Chirripó means “land of eternal waters”, a name given by native Americans due to the many lakes, rivers and streams surrounding the mountain. Unlike much of Costa Rica, particularly the highly-visited coastal areas, which have a hot, tropical climate year-round, the lands surrounding Chirripó enjoy a temperate mountain climate, and are rewarded with ecological abundance; all types of vegetables, herbs and fruit grow and thrive.

The small towns surrounding Mt. Chirripó are wonderfully alive, awake and undiscovered at the same time, and already a new form of community appears to be growing here, away from Western structures, patterns and rules for living. People seem to be uniquely awake, families and healers gathering, cultivating the land and establishing new relationship to community…

In all ways, it feels like fertile ground for the rebirth of a New Earth.

Beginning in September, we wish to welcome guests to co-create and experience awakened living here together in the 4-bedroom home we have rented in San Gerardo de Rivas, one of the gateway towns to Mt. Chirripó. We have rented the home through December 15, 2018, and expect to rent it again from early January-early March 2018.

While we expect to co-create this experience with those who are drawn, we anticipate that elements of this communal living and creation experience will include:

*Experiments in ascended living, living in highest alignment

*Daily practices and rituals – morning, midday and evening meditations, meals, group meetings, and experiences in nature; other experiential activities to be co-created

*Co-creations together in the morning and afternoon – both experiential and in service to others – for example list what we are working on; we are excited to have these creations honed and strengthened by others and to assist others in their work…

We are already living and practicing in this way as a couple and family living together here in the mountains, and look forward to growing through expanding and sharing this experience with others.

Please email us if this page and vision resonate with you, desired dates or sets of possible dates to join us, and any current projects or foreseen co-creations you would imagine contributing to the collective. Once we have received your submission, we will check the overall calendar and get back to you ASAP (should your desired dates already be booked with us, we are happy to help you find nearby accommodation).

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We are thrilled to share this vision and look forward to the co-creation to come.

Much love,

Theresa & Stephen