OS52: Nazarah Merah – From Trauma & Addiction to Absolute Awakening

It was the ultimate celestial orgasm and I felt like a cup overflowing with plenty. The pulse of God moving through me brought such intense pleasure that I felt I might burst like the ripest berry in the sun.

~ Linda Cull

For Nazarah Merah, awakening from the spell of the “real world” needed to be complete.

Various times in her life, she had experienced a profound blooming of consciousness, even having it penetrate her body, causing her to pulse with the true force of God.

But, this time, she was determined to lock into this state. No more would this be a fleeting experience, but a permanent feature of her life.

So, she headed into nature. The prior evening, she had been at a free talk given by the spiritual teacher, Bentinho Massaro, and had a dramatic and powerful awakening experience in the lecture hall. This experience continued afterwards at a local restaurant, with other attendees.

Following this experience, she knew she needed to find a quiet place to integrate, so she wandered along a stream in Sedona seeking the ideal spot. She sat herself down, and again approached – and passed – the magical threshold of the veil, or the wondrous membrane where our individuation disappears and we realize our oneness with everything.

From this day, Nazarah has lived completely in this space of pure awareness. It has moved her to serve others in all manner of ways, and has cleared her of past addictions and patterns of thought that once caused her, like many, to feel imprisoned in her own mind.

We explore this remarkable journey with Nazarah on this week’s podcast and how, to her, every bit of her life has been perfectly orchestrated to trigger the awakening she experienced. From her early childhood fraught with pain and trauma, to her time in the Army, to her first spiritual awakening in 2012, and then, her ultimate awakening last summer.

What struck us both was how accessible she makes this experience seem. She acknowledges that the “veil” is less of a hurdle than ever before given various recent changes on the planet, and that the main hurdle blocking anyone from this magical experience is…belief.

Do you believe this is possible? Or not.

Our hope with this episode of the Ownstream Podcast is to nudge your belief past any limits, making this experience within grasp for you, too.

If you look at the world around you, perhaps you will agree that waking up in the complete, irreversible way that Nazarah describes is not only important…but mandatory for our survival.


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