Our Bright Future #20: Martin Richtsfeld – Toward Digital Freedom & a New Relationship with Technology

“Our Bright Future” Session #20
Featuring Special Guest: Martin Richtsfeld
(Replay available below)

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There’s a lot of fun alchemy happening right now in the Ownstream Network community and in all our lives as the frequencies speed up and change accelerates around the world. In our experience, what we need more and more seems instantly to pop into our hands, heads and via friends. The synchronicities are abundant and flowing.

This is how I felt recently when I was introduced to Martin Richtsfeld – that he is one of those exact people we need in our community at exactly the right time.

We’ve had a number of discussions in the Network recently about technology and about how to engage positively with it for a new experience. How do we stop feeding the system in this area, in this case, with our data, our energy and our very freedom? What technologies are positive? How do we continue to engage with technology – and each other, around the world – and shield ourselves from negative frequencies and intentions? What is to be our new and future relationship with technology.

On one of these threads, someone posted that our friend, David Khan’s friend and collaborator, Martin Richtsfeld, might be willing to speak on these topics. So we immediately reached out to him to discuss an Our Bright Future interview, and a possible workshop by donation in the community. Martin was game with great passion for both, and as we began to discuss these projects, I came to see what a great fit he is for this conversation, and how much he has to offer us.

Martin studied Information Technology and Economics in the early 2000s at the technical university of Vienna, back when I was first using email. His focus – even way back then! – was on Cyber Security. The digital landscape has changed vastly in the years in between, but he always stayed on top of this area in his almost 20 years of experience.

After going through various stages of self-development (which is always ongoing), Martin is now in the process of holistically combining his technical and spiritual knowledge, intending to raise awareness about cyber privacy and security, ultimately to bring lasting freedom for all beings on  Earth. He has released a comprehensive, 15-module course to help people “Reclaim Your Digital Freedom”, in which he says you will discover how we can gain back our rights, our privacy and ultimately our freedom. The first five modules are free.

Martin says that his pure energy allows him to be a safe haven for many seeking souls to unleash their full potential. Martin has his heart in music especially the gong to lead through sound journeys, dancing, energy healing and yoga. You see elements of deep inner connection, healing and awareness practice weaved into his course and his entire approach to the discussion about technology, privacy and freedom.

When discussing this interview, I felt such a warm and natural connection with Martin. One of those connections, like we often find in Ownstream, that feels real, effortless and expansive. He approaches this subject – one that can and has caused many of us a great deal of fear and overwhelm – with ease, care and brightness.

He shared with me that what is most important is that whatever we discuss in this interview, we don’t cause fear, but awareness and steps for solutions. He said that “all of these intrusive systems have been building up for years now, but according to the Seneca effect a system always crumbles faster than it is built”, and that “I feel we are at this tipping point now and with these beautiful, heart-centered communities we can steer the wheel toward a respecting, inclusive future.” What an exactly perfect frame for this conversation.

In this expansive, encouraging, very practical and heart-opening conversation with Martin, we expect to cover at least the following topics:

  • Why knowing about privacy, cyber security and technology is important; what we need to know about agendas to spy on us and send us down mind control rabbit holes
  • How the world’s most popular search engine shapes what you find and then “learn”, creating tunnel vision and separation
  • What we can do to safeguard ourselves from these tactics, expand beyond them, and stop feeding the system
  • How changing our mindset is the key first step to freedom, to bring people together again and take our power back, preventing the big companies from succeeding in their agenda and creating our own experience
  • Easy, step-by-step, practical solutions to regain our freedom from harmful digital agendas – the first things you can do now!
  • How we approach a new relationship with technology for a new era – internal and external changes we can make – and what this relationship may look like in the future
  • Your questions! Please send them ahead of time when you sign up.

We know there will be a lot of excitement for this conversation! Please submit questions ahead of time when you register! We will in part tailor our conversation based on your questions (of which we know there are many) and Martin will offer two mini-workshops next week (April 19 and 21) in the Ownstream Network, walking through more practical next steps that come after this conversation, based largely on your questions and those raised in the Network.

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