OS34: Lynne McTaggart – Intention, The Field & The Power of 8

We create space and time on the surface of our retinas.

~ Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is a self-described “disruptor”.

And, like the best of them, she is willing to look deeply into assumed truths, explore them, research them and – most importantly – test them for results.

Consider her “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” publication which challenges the assumed truths about the medical industry, often finding issues with popular treatments, offering more natural alternatives instead.

Or, her ground-breaking book “The Field”, which explored the notion that our world is, in fact, a vast web of quantum energy and not merely a sphere of physical matter. She reveals a field which indeed connects us to each other explaining all manner of phenomena such as ESP, remote viewing and so much more.

It was this book that initially led us to Lynne McTaggart, as it answered a call for scientific proof for what many spiritual leaders were positing from the realm of consciousness. That we are all connected, that our universe is – essentially – energy in vibration, and that our notion of what it means to be a “person” is limited.

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This seminal project led her to begin conducting her own experiments around intention, and – more recently – how its power magnifies with small groups of people. Here, she organizes 8 people into groups who then focus on a specific intention related, most often, to helping others.

Her findings are, well, amazing.

Apparently, all manner of miracle can be enacted via the invisible web of consciousness – everything from gaining the courage to pursue one’s life calling to healing serious physical and mental ailments.

And, most interesting, is what happens to those sending the intentions themselves. This work constitutes her latest book “The Power of 8”, where she reveals the findings of what happens both to the recipients of the groups’ focus but also to those participating within the groups themselves.

This forms the basis of our conversation, namely – how does this work, why & what happens to those who participate? In other words, we discuss the practical “play” of the field, how responsive, malleable and simple it is to leverage.

For anyone seeking clarity on this mysterious and invisible field of energy which makes us “us” and, who wants clarity on its expansive power and specific ways to practically use this to change your life, then this interview is certain to inspire and empower you with tools to both help yourself, and to help others.


Lynne McTaggart

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