Our Bright Future #14: Dr. Kelly Brogan – Personal And Collective Health, Sovereignty & Staying True Through The Storm

“Our Bright Future” Session #14
Featuring Special Guest: Dr. Kelly Brogan
(Replay Available Below)

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Dr. Kelly Brogan has studied & taught at some of the most renowned, conventional medical educational institutions in the world: Cornell, NYU, MIT amongst others.

And yet, her most insightful and meaningful education came just a few years ago, when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (postpartum thyroiditis) and knew that she was arcing in the direction of a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependency, at the mercy of a system which she no longer fully trusted.

And so, she decided to heal herself.

Two and a half years later, she reemerged – vibrant and empowered – as a full-time believer in the “alternative” side of medicine. This led to her ground-breaking NY Times Bestselling book “A Mind Of Your Own” & the more recent, “Own Your Self” + a 3-hour interview with Joe Rogan (which has since been removed from YouTube).

This brings us to last year, when the supposed pandemic descended on the world. Kelly, along with her partner Sayer Ji and a number of other esteemed medical professionals, have bravely spoken out against the various mainstream themes which have littered the minds and lives of most in this world. This has led to them being included in the “Disinformation Dozen”, a cadre of anti-MSMers who – apparently – are spreading lies.

As you likely know, we support the alt narrative around the virus and the extraordinarily corrupt way in which its data and draconian ramifications have been forced onto billions worldwide.

And so, we are not only very excited to speak with Kelly about her remarkable findings around health, “the virus” and our deeply potent innate power to heal ourselves, but also to hear her speak about maintaining her strength, clarity and balance at a time when many across the media spectrum have attempted to discredit her and the valuable work she is doing. We’ll also dive into her vibrant online health community, the Vital Life Project, and resources she has created for personal and collective sovereignty in these times.

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Her background and when she began to feel that the conventional, western medical paradigm was flawed
  • Her amazing healing journey and path to discovering an entirely new way of approaching disease and health, and what has happened since embracing this way of life
  • When she began to suspect that something was off with the emerging narrative around the virus in the spring of 2020 – what triggered her suspicion? And, what she feels is truly happening inside of people’s bodies who contract “the virus”
  • How she has handled the various attacks on her credibility and integrity and how her family has helped her remain calm, centered and loyal to her truth in spite of this enormous pressure
  • Her views on what may be coming next as lockdowns worldwide seem to ease, will there be another “outbreak”? “More strands”? What does she expect and how is she preparing for it?
  • How can we be best prepared for what is to come? Both in terms of our health, but also in our outer lives. Also, how is she speaking with her kids about the world currently and how are they coping?
  • What are she and her family doing to maintain their sovereignty in these times, and what suggestions and resources do they offer to others?
  • What are her plans for standing her ground, living and thriving in the months and years to come?

And, we are sure, much much more…

As always, this “Our Bright Future” talk is a “pay what you wish” event. Half of all funds collected will go directly to Kelly, to support her work, and the other half will support Ownstream, and conversations like this one. You can watch live or watch the replay at a later time. Sign up to join below!

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