OS24: Kimberly & Theo Hanson – How They Beat Cancer & Got Busy Living

Breast cancer was the best thing that ever happened to us.

~ Kimberly & Theo Hanson

Kimberly HansonPerhaps the clearest harbinger of the toxic nature of our mainstream way of life is cancer.

Millions die worldwide each year due to this disease, and modern medicine seems no closer to a bona fide cure than ever.

Modern medicine zeroes in on eliminating the physical manifestation of the disease–the tumor–as its main course of treatment. Cut it out, burn the edges with radiation, and in many cases, fill the body with a lethal poison to kill the rest of the sickly cells before they kill the person.

Kimberly and Theo Hanson, however, tried a very different approach. No chemicals. Just fresh juice, rest and lots of love.

It worked.

Not only did the Hansons’ approach eliminate the tumor in Kimberly’s breast, but it revolutionized Theo’s life too. He lost over 100 pounds juicing with Kim, dropped his sleep apnea and began feeling the best he ever had.

Nowadays, filled with energy, radiant health and a powerful new lease on life, the couple travel (they conducted the interview from a boat in the British Virgin Islands…sorry for the wind noise!), help others to heal from cancer, and are building a dynamic center for health in Costa Rica.

All this from juicing vibrant, beautiful plants.

(NOTE: The protocol they used is linked below. They freely offer this, as it was freely shared with them)

Perhaps then, cancer is merely the tip of a larger iceberg. Maybe it’s not the tumor that’s the real problem, but the way of living that gives rise to it. Namely, our toxic diet, stressful work life, lack of rest, and the vast disconnection many experience from community, love and support.

The Hansons’ treatment reverses these factors: boost health and immunity with vibrant plants, rest, love, service and community. Seems that the body knows what to do with a tumor when it’s strong, healthy and really living.

Most of us have lost a loved one (or more) to this tragic illness. The idea of trying something different in the face of what may seems the greatest threat to our lives can be terrifying. So, in contemplating an alternative to the mainstream approach to cancer, it helps to have an intimate, personal story at the heart of the conversation and a community of others in recovery. Kimberly and Theo Hanson offer themselves to that cause.

Theirs is a story of hope, love and living. As the Hansons’ experience shows us, cancer need not be a death sentence. For them, it was a doorway through which an entirely new and joyous way of fully living emerged. We hope you will be inspired by their story. And, we hope you will share this with your loved ones if it resonates. The potential is so great for all of us.


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