Our Bright Future #10: Greg Paul on The Sovereign’s Way–Knowing and Enforcing Our Rights as Free Men and Women of Mankind

Greg Paul

“Our Bright Future” Session #10
Featuring Special Guest: Greg Paul
(Replay available below)

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“The so-called system is nothing more than an elaborate game of monopoly; the only thing that makes it harder to see is that your token for the game happens to have a name that sounds similar to yours, but it doesn’t make you the ship, unless you take a title rather than to stand as a man or woman only;

knowledge of the law for mankind is the key to be free.

-Greg Paul

Sovereignty has become a hot topic of increasing interest over the last nine months, as apparent designated authorities in our society aim progressively to limit our abilities to live and act freely as individuals.

What does it mean to be sovereign?
How does one stand confident in his/her sovereignty in the face of external controls?
How do we reclaim our natural rights as free men and women, which pre-existed and will outlast these systems?

We have a workgroup in the Ownstream Community that meets weekly to discuss our personal explorations with exactly this topic — that is, how to know and embody our personal sovereignty in these times. We all know, deep down that we are sovereign beings–that is, autonomous, independent, and supreme over our own bodies — but in these times, it is easy to feel compromised, or fear being compromised, by the apparent encroaching of constricting “mandates” and talk of “mandatory” medical measures.

Over the months that we have met weekly in the sovereignty group, we have had many powerful conversations about what it means to know and embody our personal sovereignty at a frequency level — to know that we are supreme over our bodies and to navigate the world confidently from that knowing.

One man’s name has come up many times over the course of these discussions: Greg Paul.

Greg has become an expert in sovereignty, from his many years of personal exploration living outside externally imposed money, government, legal, and other systems. He founded and runs a comprehensive online program called “The Sovereign’s Way” — a course that teaches “the law of mankind”. This natural law, Greg explains, constitutes the only, true rules governing life among free sovereign beings, and, once we know it, becomes our remedy to any seeming external controls, and the key to peace and freedom in every area of life.

Knowing and enforcing these rules, he explains, will render us supreme of any feared external controls, as truly, these measures do not apply to the free man or woman.

He likens our essential mistake (and the confusion between natural law and the established legal system) to a person playing monopoly and confusing him/herself to be the game piece. We forget we are the person playing the game, and we play the game as if we are within it. The only true rule under natural law? Do no harm. If we play by this rule, and know how to enforce our own boundaries to avoid harm from another, we remain supreme.

It is up to us now to take responsibility for our own lives. It is up to us to know and embody our own sovereignty, to establish the boundaries of what it means to be a man or woman — and if we do, we extinguish the threat, and live life freely, on our own terms, as we are meant to in nature. What’s on the other side of that — in terms of how we live as free men and women together in society — is limitless.

In this highly empowering conversation and mini-masterclass with Greg, we plan to explore the following:

  • What is the law of mankind, or natural law?
  • How has the legal system corrupted our understanding of ourselves as men and women? What is our fundamental misunderstanding? How have we given our natural rights away?
  • What is The Sovereign’s Way? What are the first steps to reclaiming our sovereignty as men and women on the Earth? How do we enforce our natural rights?
  • How can we protect ourselves from any apparent external “mandates” and other exertions of control by knowing and embodying the law of mankind?
  • How do we set boundaries and give notice, to prevent trespass and harm from others?
  • What language can we use to change how we position ourselves in relation to the system?
  • What will the world look like when all beings know and embody the law of mankind, our natural law? What is man’s natural order of living in society with one another, with other free beings?

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