Our Bright Future #16: Evi Maes and Matthias Arentsen — Living Life in Line with Nature, Purity, and by Appreciation

Evi Maes Matthias Arentsen“Our Bright Future” Session #16
Featuring Special Guests: Evi Maes & Matthias Arentsen
Friday, August 20th, 10a Pacific/1p Eastern
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Evi Maes and Matthias Arentsen are dear friends of ours, and critical and essential peers at this time in all our lives, walking the unknown road ahead to a positive future, guided daily by our growing purity. When we were prepping for this interview, they said, “We are just ordinary people; we don’t fit into any specific category. How will you title the interview?”

To me, Evi and Matthias have been an obvious, and powerful choice for Our Bright Future for a long time. Why? Because they are on the leading edge of living and creating a life in line with nature’s principles, while they keep going as their patterns dissolve. To me, theirs is a life that exemplifies what our lives look like when we follow more of our inner impulse — and the relationship with nature that unfolds from that place. And what this means, then, for how our lives unfold in relation to every aspect — relationship with others, community, business and society. For our community, I feel there is nothing more valuable right now.


We first met Evi and Matthias some years ago, in what feels now like a different timeline, on a spiritual high, when we were all aiming to awaken the world, one post at a time.

We reconnected with them a year or two later, in mid-late 2019, when we were flying through a dark night of the soul, and they suggested joining Oracle Girl’s purification space. They had been in the space for some time already. I will never forget what Evi told me when I offered, “well, I’m already working with a coach.” She said: “Forget about the coach, or any coach. This is GOLD.”

It took me about six months from that point to join the purification space. In that time, I had to hit some painful, dark bottoms with cyclical patterns that were tearing me apart and from the people I loved. In that time, I watched Evi and Matthias change. A new, calm wind seemed to be moving through them, clearing them out and lighting them up. New beings were emerging.

After being part of an amazing organization that showed them many things about what a positive future can look like, in Spring 2020, a gentle and powerful impulse directed their future lives. Evi woke up one morning and knew that she must plant seeds — that’s all she knew. She had never planted seeds; she didn’t have experience as a gardener; she didn’t know what she would grow or how she would do it. But she knew she needed to do it, and she began. Following this call, after a week, more than 150 pots with seeds sprouted on their veranda. Within a few weeks, they had a large vegetable garden, from which they shared the harvest with the locals, and a seed library for others.

Their non profit organization, In Line With Nature was born.

Contributing to a new economy through action in line with nature.

That initial impulse unfolded a new path for Evi and Matthias — learning about themselves in the process of growing food and interacting with others around them in a new way. They felt a new relationship with nature, and with a new care economy that flows naturally when working with nature.

Nature showed something that was so obvious and abundant. All structures from society demolished and questions arose: Why is there still hunger in the world? Why doesn’t the economy reflect more the way nature works?

With nature as their natural guide, they aimed to achieve a new economy based on togetherness, appreciation, care and abundance.

They soon created a series of new projects that were inspiring others to live more in line with nature, and contribute to a new economy. Two apps — Food Wallet, focused on connecting locals to share food and find organic initiatives and Skill Swapp, a place for people to exchange their gifts and skills on an appreciation basis. They started an online community and a library, which they are still developing.

They had worked largely on donation for some time. Living at times with little to no money, without a house, but always making choices from an impulse that came from within. Now they became committed to a life and business working entirely on an appreciation basis.

Last summer, they were called to move into a large house, where they invited others to join them in creating community, and experimenting with community life. Over the past year, they learned valuable lessons for our larger global community about co-living and co-creating with other members of the purification space, as we step daily through our own purification processes into creating an entirely new way of being and living, individually and in society with others.

They are now headed to Spain, to expand their relationship with nature by focusing on new ways of growing, nurturing the land, and (co) creations supporting the growth of a new economy and redefining local community in these times.

Evi and Matthias have been a clear choice for Our Bright Future for some time, given their leading edge living and creating from a place of purification, and we are so excited to share this valuable interview with our community. In our conversation, we plan to cover at least the following:

  • How Evi and Matthias’s journey with purification began – what the early days of purification looked like, and how that was a departure from previous spiritual experiences
  • How Evi experienced that initial impulse to plant seeds – and what they learned from their growing experience about living in line with nature’s principles, and about creating a new local economy
  • How they were called to live and work on an appreciation basis – entirely by donation – how they managed that as purification progressed (living with little to no money at times, and staying true to this impulse), and the joy it brings
  • How they have established businesses that work on donation basis, how that works practically in their lives, and what they have learned from this experience
  • How they foresee a new economy unfolding based on bonds of affection – and their projects to that end
  • What it means to them now to live a life “in line with nature” – how they are aligning their lives to live by nature’s principles, and what it means to them to love the land
  • What they experienced living in community – how to build with others while staying true to yourself – and what they learned about building community in these times
  • What’s next for them as they make the move to Spain – how they came to the decision to take that next leap, and what they foresee growing in this next phase of wild human and planetary evolution

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