OS29: Dr. Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing & The Power of True “Knowing”

What kind of a God would want you to be in fear?

~ Dr. Eric Pearl

Eric Pearl

Somewhere out in front on the leading edge of science, health and spirituality sits Dr. Eric Pearl and the wonderfully elegant, powerful practice of Reconnective Healing.

Some dozen or so years ago, Dr. Pearl began having experiences some might label strange, odd and certainly “out of the box”. He had a thriving chiropractic practice in Los Angeles and had very little interest in modalities of healing that lay outside the realm of the visible and of working directly with the body.

This lack of interest, or bias, according to him, was the secret to allowing him to be open to a very powerful energy which began to make its way through him.

One evening, he was awoken from his sleep by the lights in his room suddenly turning on. Convinced of a prowler, he arose, cajoled his Doberman Pinscher from her sleep, and made his way through the house. Nothing. No signs of a break-in, no burglar sorting through his things.

The following days at work, patients began having all manner of unique experiences. Some felt someone else in the room with them, some had powerful and rapid healings take place, and others just felt a strong current in their bodies. Nearly all reported that their chiropractic treatments under Dr. Pearl were unlike anything they had ever experienced before.

Eventually, Dr. Pearl learned that the frequencies of energy that seemed to select him as their conduit are quite available to everyone. And, they require no physical contact and have a vast intelligence all their own.

Dr. Eric Pearl
Us with Dr. Pearl at Kripalu (March ’14)

This describes the outset of what is now known as Reconnective Healing, and the reluctant (to him, at the time) anointment of Dr. Eric Pearl as one of the world’s true pioneers in the area of healing. Nowadays, Dr. Pearl travels the world sharing this unique and simple form of healing with others, and has even recently released an online course coaching people on “Level I” of the training (Level II is still taught in person).

To those versed in the latest research on consciousness and the abundant field of electromagnetic energy around and within us, Dr. Pearl’s work will make rapid and intuitive sense. To those who aren’t, we suggest reading Lynne McTaggart’s seminal work “The Field” as a companion to this episode (link below).

In this conversation, we discuss reconnective healing – how it’s done, what it is exactly “doing”, and how the practice of it also heals the healer. Dr. Pearl also generously shares his own views on spirituality, love, God and the power of stepping fully into a place of “knowing”. Finally, Dr. Pearl gives us a beautiful glimpse into his personal life, which now includes a loving relationship and a life filled with his calling, service and – indeed – connection.

In short, Dr. Eric Pearl is a channel, so to speak, for a remarkably simple form of service to others, but by virtue of that, he has emerged as a true leader in the world of consciousness and spirituality. He speaks of vibration and frequency as very few doctors do – from a place of truly knowing that that is all there truly is…

We are honored to include his amazing story and vitally important, highly relevant work within our series. Please be sure to check the links below the episode for a special discount on the newly released online Level I course as well.


Dr. Eric Pearl

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