Our Bright Future #3: Elaira Tickute, Into The “Care Economy”: The Future of Work, Business, and Value Exchange in the New Earth

“Our Bright Future” Session #3
Featuring Special Guest: Elaira Tickute
(Replay available below)

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On Earth, we have long been fed a limiting, enslaving story about ourselves—centered around work, money, and the value of our lives.

That is: you have to work to make money, and work hard to make enough to support yourself and your family; if you’re lucky, or your family is rich, you can get around this, but otherwise, you’re stuck.

You are told that it is required—and good, dutiful, worthy—to give away at least 8 hours of your day to this work, and that it doesn’t matter if you like it. You probably won’t; you’re lucky if you do—and that’s just the way it is.

This false, limited narrative of work slavery was the original inspiration for Ownstream and our podcast in 2017.

We wanted to help people see and realize this lie for themselves, and learn through other people’s experiences breaking out of this box that we each have limitless power and potential to live life the way we want to; that our unique inspiration is the currency of creation and abundance, and that if we follow our internal directions, and give from our feeling of pure joy, we will be infinitely supported.

The greatest work and money story never told.

Today, people around the world are waking up, more and more, and three years later, this story seems like a paper tiger. As the frequency rises on the planet, it will not be long that people continue to buy into this teensy, false narrative of self, potential, and value—especially if lockdowns continue, and more and more people are unemployed, and forced to reconsider life they way had been living it, and find a new way to survive and thrive.

Elaira Tickute has spent her lifetime devoted to human potential, and to helping people unlock the highest version of themselves. She spent a number of years as a human resources executive, and studied human design in various formats for 17 years, then launched her own business to help people make the internal shifts necessary to work from the heart, and re-design their lives.

She saw in her work that people tend to climb toward “the top” because they equate that eternal climb with their value, rather than moving from the inside out—asking what one’s inner essence and expression is, and creating work and life from that inspiration. 

Elaira has created her own heart-driven business, and is dedicated to helping others find their own human design, purpose, and heart inspiration, and work and create from that place within. She is personally dedicated to living from a philosophy of “human first, business second”, and this she says is the core of the new “care economy” and “care currency” that will emerge on Earth as we transition to a new, awake society.

We will work out of an innate drive to serve others—from our hearts, from our care for others—and that gift we will exchange with others will form the basis of how value is exchanged, across society.

Elaira launched a podcast earlier this year focused on the new world of work and business—called “Welcome Future”— specifically about how the old ways of work and business are no longer working, and where our New Earth society is headed.

You may know her from the podcasts she recorded with Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl) on “The Future of Business” (ep 4), “Money and Business” (ep 6), “Care: The New Currency” (ep 7) and “Donation, Nature & ‘Freely Given'” (ep 9). All episodes can be located here.

As the world transforms, and people become aware of their unlimited potential, what will be the new world of work and business?

In this conversation, we will discuss a number of topics related to the new world of work, creation, and value exchange coming from within us, inside-out to the New Earth society we are building together, including:

-What’s wrong with the way we work/do business now on Earth—and why is this destined to collapse/fail as the New Earth rises?

-What is the new work and business paradigm for a New Earth?

-What is a “heart-centered business” and how does one start one? What are the first steps?

-Challenges and rewards in building a heart-centered business

-What is the “care economy” or “care currency”, and how will it change the way we work and exchange value?What will the world of work and business look like when we come from care instead of lack?

What will wealth and value look like in the new business paradigm? What does it take to move toward the shift where we offer our services fully, from our hearts, without expectations, when we come from a world so seemingly dependent on money and agenda? Elaira will share her own journey, lessons and experiences navigating the decisions to offer services for a fee, minimum donation, or entirely by donation, and how does this relate to self-worth and care for self and others?

For those of us interested in a new, upgraded model of value exchange, business and working from the heart, this should be a fascinating and enriching conversation.

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