OS39: Hannah Miller – The “Edventure Girl” & Dispelling The Myths Of World Schooling

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

~ Malcolm S. Forbes

Edventure Girl
Hannah Miller – “Edventure Girl”

Upon introduction to the notion of “world schooling”, many adults bristle at the concept, and offer a specific set of immediate, skeptical responses:

  • What about friends? How can you cultivate a social circle or learn to deal with other people while on the move?
  • What about college? Does this style of education prepare you for university?
  • How will my son/daughter get a job if they aren’t formally educated?

These are all valid concerns, but they usually point to one’s own programming about “the way things work in the world,” and a lack of understanding of what world schooling truly is.

Enter Hannah Miller, the self-described “Edventure Girl”. From the ages of 11-18 she — along with her three younger brothers — was “world schooled”. Her parents decided that the standard life path didn’t work for them, quit their jobs, and took their clan on the road.

Along the way, Hannah has traveled to 26+ countries over 6 continents, encountering profound adventures and a deep appreciation for her family, other people, and the world, with its vast and vibrant cultural landscape.

And, she has made lots of friends, is currently enrolled in one of Canada’s most prestigious universities (Queens University in Kingston, Ontario) and has a remarkably evolved outlook on the notion of career and work (she is a self described entrepreneur who has no worries about money and sees work as an open canvas of adventure), which she directly attributes to being educated outside of the box.

So, as new parents ourselves, when we read her beautiful blog article (linked below) dispelling all the myths of world schooling, we immediately reached out to her.

Who better to bring the world schooling experience alive and untangle myth from reality than an eloquent young woman who’s been there, done that.

In this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, Hannah vividly describes her experiences learning around the world and paints the portrait of a young woman fully connected to others, with a mind opened wide by the rich experience of travel and witnessing, first hand, how the world actually works, and how varied and expansive life can be. She also leaves us with a remarkable view of how she thinks of “career” and what her excitement is currently.

We are honored to share our conversation with Hannah Miller, and her clear and shining example of what happens when learning, travel and excitement are given the room to mingle, connect and flourish.

In other words, a wonderfully varied, curious and thoughtful person ready for the world.


Edventure Girl

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