OS38: Didi Taihuttu – Bitcoin, Minimalism & Prioritizing Freedom

“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.”

~ Milton Friedman

Didi TaihuttuThere is nothing halfway about Didi Taihuttu.

Not too long ago, he was living “the dream”. There was the house, the fancy cars, all the trappings…

Every”thing” was there, in place for a happy, joyful life and yet, Didi and his family’s experience of this was surprisingly different from this picture’s promise of fulfillment.

Stress, anxiety, worry, working long hours, separation.

(Heard this story before?)

So, Didi, his wife and three kids decided to do the uncommon: sell it all. Literally. All the way down to the fancy shoes. And then, travel the world.

Some years ago, Didi had invested some money in Bitcoin, though shortly after this he sold in order to fund other ventures. Now, flush with cash netted from his recent estate sale, he wondered “what do we do with this money?”

Instead of saving it, or putting it into more traditional investments such as stocks, Didi decided all of it was to go into cryptocurrencies and it’s future-forward technology foundation, the blockchain. Currently, he and his family are camping in the Netherlands, enjoying their freedom and each other while watching their investment portfolio grow.

And, their priority remains to keep their freedom and live the minimalist lifestyle. It’s not about getting rich but mostly about putting their money where they feel alignment.

Since doing this, and making this choice public, Didi has been descended upon by the world’s media both due to the radical nature of this choice – but also – due to the growing sense that our human collective’s notion of currency (i.e. a means of exchanging, and storing, value) is in the early stages of a most radical change.

Life on the road with 3 kids

In other words, it’s a great story. But, as we discover in this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, what is revealed here is a man – and a family – truly ahead of its time. For a growing group of people on the planet (us included), cryptocurrency – which is the generic term for specific forms of crypto such as bitcoin, ethereum etc – is the most exciting and empowering movement forward of our time.

Power is shifting away from governments, institutions and “the few” into the hands of individuals like you and me and, as important, into a form of technology which could quite literally change the very fabric of our society: the blockchain.

In this episode Didi shares his amazing story, clarifies in layman’s terms what cryptocurrency is, how the blockchain works, and – most importantly – the implications of this technology for our world going forward (for example, the blockchain could eliminate the need for 90% of all lawyers on the planet).

And, if you’re interested, we talk at length about how this is still early in the crypto game and a tremendous time to invest – if it calls to you.

For many, the crypto market is an opportunity to both accrue generational wealth along the lines of what was possible in the earlier years of the internet (think: what if I invested in Amazon or Google in the late 90’s?), and the time is ripe – and easier than ever – to jump in with both feet.

Our aim with this episode is to both feature a man who has a remarkable story to tell – one of dramatic and empowered action – but, also, to hopefully inspire you to look at this opportunity in front of you and make a move that could empower you and your family for many, many years to come.


Didi Taihuttu

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