Our Bright Future #13: Vanessa Holliday & David Khan – How The Frequency of Sound Will Free Us

“Our Bright Future” Session #13
Featuring Special Guests: Vanessa Holliday and David Khan
(Replay available below)

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Vanessa Holliday and David Khan met in a remote corner of Bali one evening, surrounded by pyramids, and powered by a shared connection to music, and the healing frequency of sound.

They arrived at understanding the transformative power of music through different paths.

Vanessa had been in music her entire life, DJ’ing at age 17 and studying at Rudolf Steiner University; through years of late nights and endless travel, she became one of South Africa’s leading DJs. Success and this lifestyle bred fatigue, burnout, and depression, leading her to crash, and then dive deeply into the question: what was really being called from her through the music?

This question opened the door to an entirely new and fresh exploration of the power of sound, which healed her depression, and led to an awakening–and an entirely new way of relating to the music she loved so dearly, and its possible uses to help others.

David’s background was as an engineer, and a student of classical music, acoustical physics, and heavy metal, with formal training in a number of modalities. It was in his moments alone, listening to and playing heavy metal music while navigating turbulent times, that he would feel a quiet internal calm arise, and wonder more deeply about the potency and power of sound. Coupled with an endless hunger for the truth about the nature of life on Earth and the relentless suspicion that the true power of our existence has been suppressed, he was driven to search for the deeper powers of sound, and how this potent force could both suppress and potentiate humanity’s awakening.

Together, Vanessa and David united in service of a mission to bring the healing and awakening frequency of music to others.

Their central thesis?: Sound and elevated frequencies are the missing link to awakening humanity on Earth. They explain that our prime resonant frequency is currently tuned into something that can be manipulated, and has been, to our disempowerment and devastation. Through dumping frequencies of anger and obedience into our cities, the old guard has accustomed us to a base frequency of enslavement, operating on a narrow bandwidth that lies octaves below our true potential.

What they say is needed most now–and can be magnificently powerful!–is to upgrade the frequencies we are exposed to, to tune us back into our natural frequencies, and literally re-tune ourselves with nature through sound. Should we do so, we will be able to uplift many who urgently need it and, in the process, eradicate all sorts of illnesses and other conditions that puzzle doctors and healers alike.

Our bodies are a symphony, they explain; the natural resonant frequency is Earth and is nature, and returning to that frequency can be our salvation. As Vanessa and David put it: “Sound was the medicine of the past – and is the medicine of the future.”

They are completely lit up by this work, and its potential to transform human existence.

In keeping with all of our sessions in this series, we are excited to talk with David and Vanessa both about the manipulation of sound in our current world as a weapon of mass hypnosis and enslavement, as well as the bright future of sound, its potential to free us, and what we can do to support the collective in re-tuning to nature as we move forward on a transforming Earth.

Specifically, we plan to cover:

  • David and Vanessa’s unique experiences awakening and healing through the power of sound and music
  • The spectacular series of events that drew them together, including David’s connection with a rogue former CIA operative and mysterious devices designed to transport his consciousness across the galaxy
  • The deliberate ways in which our frequency has been manipulated by sound, particularly in highly populated areas, and why these areas are more vulnerable to illness and strife
  • Ways in which our consciousness is shaped by sound and frequency; how frequency shapes matter and how our consciousness can entrain to certain bandwidths, shaping the patterns of our lives and the world around us
  • How sound can heal and awaken; how we can tune ourselves away from the frequency of enslavement and tune into our natural resonant frequency–the frequency of Earth and nature
  • Specific examples of sound healing and ways in which we can utilize this modality to heal in the comfort of our homes
  • Vanessa and David’s special gift to attendees of this session, to be offered at the end.

(Note: for some great examples of Vanessa and David’s work together, please click here and here for some beautiful video clips, both run under 9 minutes.)

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