Cryptocurrency Resources

Listed below are some of the more popular cryptocurrency resources. Enjoy!


Coinbase (accepts credit cards and fiat currency, easy to use, higher fees):

Also be sure to try Coinbase “Earn” where you learn about specific crypto’s while earning small sums in the process – very fun! Go here to check out Coinbase Earn (you will start with Stellar Lumens)

Kraken (accepts fiat currency via wire transfer, easy to use, lower fees):

Binance (does not accept fiat currency so you will only be able to use other cryptos on this exchange, lower fees):


Cold Storage (for holding your crypto offline, most secure, ONLY buy these from the official company website and never from Amazon)

Ledger Nano S – Easy to use and compact, very reliable. (The S is the older model, X is newer)

Trezor – Also easy to use, compact, reliable.


Exodus – Reliable online wallet


Lolli – earn Bitcoin while you shop at some very popular retailers (VERY easy)

Brave Browser – very secure web browser which also nets you BAT tokens for viewing ads (you receive payout for your attention). Also uses the DuckDuckGo search engine, which is also very secure.

Crypto Tab Browser – solid browser that mines for Bitcoin while open (will mine more if you use the browser). This is a great way to ‘stack sats’ (or collect small amounts of Bitcoin) – a great place to track the current prices and trading volume for all the major cryptocurrencies.


The Bitcoin Whitepaper – the original announcement by Satoshi Nakamoto describing Bitcoin for the first time. This was shared on a cryptography email list in 2008.

Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal and Redemption (Ben Mezrich) – this really fun read relates the story of the Winklevoss Twins and their continuing story after the drama around Facebook ended. What happened? They discovered Bitcoin. A fun, and amazing view into some of the earlier days of Bitcoin and crypto.

The Bitcoin Standard (Saifedean Ammous) – The history of Bitcoin and its long-term implications described.

Here’s a great list of people to follow on Twitter (a great place to keep tabs on new projects and news in the industry)

A simple, straight-forward guide to Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

The Bankless Podcast (weekly) – suits all levels, especially beginners. Paints a track to a “bankless” world and how you can shift today. Very thorough and deep.