OS51: Stephen & Theresa – Following Our Dreams, One Breadcrumb At A Time

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.

~ Anais Nin

We’re three weeks into our Costa Rica adventure, exploring and enjoying this gorgeous country. And, quite consciously, we’re considering this special place as a future home for our family.

A place to call home base. A place to create. A place to be.

We’ve felt called here, through various channels. It feels right and true to be here. Much feels aligned to who we are and our values. But, as far as a specific place to land… we’ve yet to find it.

What we find interesting is how clearly we were led here, to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and how, after being here a little while – while we are having an amazing time, and it’s a gorgeous place – it might not be the landing spot for us.

What it is, most definitely, is another glorious breadcrumb along the path, leading us somewhere… a “where” that isn’t exactly clear yet.

Some months ago, while traveling the west in our van, we had a vision of living in a tropical, lush place with plenty of land to make a home, grow our own food, and ultimately, build a center where others can remake their lives, too. We could clearly see the ocean in the distance over hills of vibrant, green land, and plenty of sunshine. We knew there would be community there – other seekers like us, with kids, creating and offering value in the world. We know this place exists and felt called to explore outside of the USA for this new home. Then we met a new tribe of friends who were headed right here – so the next step was set.

And so, here we are in Costa Rica, actively looking, exploring and experiencing. It does not seem that Santa Teresa will be the place we land for good, but we have much left to explore – Dominical/Uvita, Samara/Nosara, Tamarindo, and who knows where else. We are beginning to form beautiful community that may root itself somewhere here in Costa Rica, but for now, the pieces of the puzzle remain in motion.

In the middle of our journey, with the unknown on the horizon, we felt it would be valuable to welcome you into this space with us, and share about what the quest of pursuing your dreams looks like after you’ve departed and… before you’ve arrived.

We also wanted to share a bit about our experiences here feeling so westernized. The U.S. is very comfortable is so many ways. The word that keeps coming to us is “domesticated”. We’ve been challenged at various points to step out of our comfort zones and deal with everyday matters in ways that are unfamiliar. Which is part of exactly why we came here – to have a deeper experience of life and of ourselves, beyond the comfortable settings of the western world.

Specifically… we talk among other things about how our brakes went out on our drive down a mountain and how VERY lucky we were to emerge unscathed. We can reflect and laugh about it now, but the reality of this was truly harrowing.

We present here a very candid and true portrait – in real time – of a young, western family adapting to life in another country on a passionate hunt for a place to truly call home. All the challenges and conditions that naturally emerge when you really go for it… but aren’t “there” yet. And how you keep the journey fun and light and joyful, as it should be, when fear of the unknown arises.

For people who long for another way of life, but who might be hesitant – or for people who have gone for it, and found a road that’s not always straight or smooth: we hope here to offer an intimate, honest sharing of our own journey – the glorious beauty and the (also glorious) challenges – and how we are meeting the doubts and questions that arise, and returning to the dreams that beckoned us here and continue to call us forward.

Our aim is, as always, to encourage you to go for it, and also to offer our experience to support you in riding (and enjoying) the waves.


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