OS17: Cory Katuna – The Sedona Experiment with Bentinho Massaro

Living from thought instead of living from Awareness is the cause of all human suffering.

~ Michael Langford, The Direct Means to Eternal Bliss

Cory Katuna
A beaming Cory Katuna in the environs of Sedona

“Follow your excitement”

This tantalizing mantra of Bentinho Massaro’s seemed to come naturally to Cory Katuna. Without need of explanation, she would often find herself at all sorts of interesting gatherings and seminars.

Living in Boulder, CO comes with plenty of options, so one evening she happened to be attending an event at Ken Wilber’s Integral Center when she was clued into a special night to come featuring a young spiritual prodigy. Feeling excited by this remarkable possibility, she quickly decided to attend.

A few nights later, her life changed. And since that evening just two years ago, she has been brought into the epicenter of one of the more tectonic spiritual teachings of our time.

Welcome to the world of 29-year old Bentinho Massaro, whose stated aim is to achieve a fully enlightened civilization by the year 2035. Bentinho is convinced that a real, enduring awakening can be had by anyone who deeply desires it and he conveys this aim at a time when the earth, and humanity, urgently need it.

Enlightenment is most possible, indeed it is our birthright.

But, the blooming of truth is often done through the crust of a habitual sleep which many simply accept as “life”. The role of the teacher, then, is to forever innovate in the face of these powerful forces.

This leads us to Sedona, and Bentinho’s recent decision to work intensely with a dozen adepts in the high desert in and amongst the swirling vortices and magical red rock mesas for two weeks. As you’ve probably already guessed, Cory Katuna was there.

Cory Katuna
Cory (right) meditating as part of the Sedona Experiment
Cory Katuna
Cory (middle), with Bentinho Massaro (right)

For us, we have been exposed to all sorts of spiritual teachings, books, gatherings, groups…you name it, we’ve tried it all. Nothing has brought the heat like Bentinho. For anyone who has trod a spiritual path for some time, has perhaps given up or feels disenchanted, Bentinho can be a much needed breath of fresh, joyful air. He has charm, resonance, and has seemingly included everything in his vast teaching. And, recently, he made his Trinfinity Academy – complete with courses in enlightenment, empowerment and infinity – available for free.

Which brings us back to Cory. She is not your average “seeker” by any means. She is not precious, she uses words common to most 25-year olds  (“rad”, “epic”, etc), and has a refreshing bluntness which hasn’t the slightest scent of “new-ageyness” to it. Indeed, she is real and engaged, a most attractive spokesperson for her friend and teacher, Bentinho.

We are honored and deeply grateful that she spoke with us about her remarkable and profound experiences as part of the Sedona Experiment.

We hope you enjoy this truly amazing conversation!

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