Our Bright Future #12: Dr. Christiane Northrup – Our Bodies, Our Wisdom, and Our Freedom Now

“Our Bright Future” Session #12
Featuring Special Guest: Dr. Christiane Northrup
(Replay available below)

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Dr. Christiane Northrup — for decades, worldwide, her name has been synonymous with women’s health and empowerment.

Just over a decade ago, when I was early in my awakening and healing process, and exploring new perspectives of myself and my health, a friend pointed me to Christiane’s landmark book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. To me and many women I knew, it was basically the bible for conscious women’s health.

First published in 1994 and republished for the 5th time last year, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom was an immediate national and international bestseller, and Dr. Northrup emerged as a women’s health expert, visionary health pioneer, and leading proponent of medicine built upon the unity of mind, body, and spirit. Emphasizing the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal, WBWW covers the entire range of women’s health concerns, and seeks to help women everywhere to enjoy vibrant health with far fewer medical interventions.

While Christiane has long been a lighthouse for women and women’s health, it is no surprise that she has more recently emerged as a leader in our current health crisis–carrying the same, powerful message about our body’s innate power, wisdom, and ability to heal. What stands out especially strong about Christiane and her life’s work now is its rich, direct message for empowerment, and the sovereignty of our bodies–for women, and for us all.

We first became aware of the leadership role that Christiane has been playing in the current movement when she and Brave New Life hosted Jacqueline (Oracle Girl) for a New Year’s meditation.

We learned shortly thereafter that Christiane had also become close with a group of our Ownstream Community friends in the state of Maine (USA), as part of the Make Americans Free Again movement, in a group organizing locally against health related mandates and control measures. As we felt fairly isolated where we live in NC, the stories of groups meeting and taking action together in Maine were inspiring and enlivening.

It was then that we knew that we wanted to speak to Christiane as part of this series.

Our Bright Future fundamentally is about the positive future that lies ahead of us, and the one we are building together now, at a frequency level, and as physical builders of a new Earth with specific and unique roles to play.

Christiane is clear, right now, that the future is bright. In fact, she has said repeatedly and very recently that there is nothing to be afraid of, as “we are going to do this.” About the lockdowns and control measures, she has said, “You see where this is going, and it’s not going to happen.” The world is waking up, and waking up fast, she says, and we are the planetary midwives–here to support the Earth and society in giving birth to a new planet, and new way of life.

From a health perspective in these times, Christiane has been part of a powerful chorus of doctors and health leaders worldwide who have made clear that we have nothing to fear. That lockdowns and control measures are unnecessary–and in fact, threatening to our health, especially our mental health, as well as our freedom and sovereignty as beings.

For many years preceding this recent crisis, she has spoken up about our over-medicalization in this society, stating that we have so much more power over our own health than we have been taught. And that, instead, we have been taught to look outside ourselves, to authorities–who do not have our interests at heart–to take care of us. Over her life’s work, she has steadily pointed us within, to listen to our bodies as our guide to what we really need to grow, heal, and thrive.

This message is all the more important and poignant now–in fact, if heard, it could save millions of lives. As she has stated recently, given the mass propaganda which has so many in its sway, we have given over our intuitive intelligence. And it is our intuitive intelligence that will save us.

In this empowering and vitally important Our Bright Future conversation, we plan to cover the following with Christiane:

  • How is the essential message of her work about our bodies, wisdom, and the true nature of our health especially relevant in these times?
  • What is the best thing we can do right now to empower ourselves around our health? What is the future of health and health care in a new Earth?
  • What is the truth behind the current medical narrative that we need to understand? What are the most recent things she has heard and learned about the real agenda and the effects of the experimental injection?
  • Why is our intuitive intelligence the most important thing to our individual and collective freedom? How do we build it in ourselves and others?
  • What has she learned about organizing and building community at the local level at this time? How can others apply these lessons locally to strengthen in numbers?
  • How is the local group in Maine challenging the constitutionality of the lockdowns through its current lawsuit?
  • Why is she so confident that “we’ve got this”, and will overcome the mainstream agenda, while many are afraid? How will we do it?
  • What lies ahead of us in our bright future? What role can each of us play in bringing this about?

As always, this “Our Bright Future” talk is a “pay what you wish” event. Half of all funds collected will go directly to Christiane, to support her work, and the other half will support Ownstream, and conversations like this one. You can watch live or watch the replay at a later time. Sign up to join below!

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